Vanessa Hudgens, Taylor Swift and more: All the ways stars call fans to vote on Nov. 3.


Vanessa Hudgens and Taylor Swift want you to vote on November 3rd. So many other stars are encouraging their fans to vote for 2020. Presidential elections and change.

November 3 There are only weeks left, and many celebrities use their platforms to encourage their fans beyond Register vote but actually vote presidential elections in 2020 Stars love it Vanessa Hudgens, Jaredas Leto, Jennifer Lopez, Michael B. Jordan, Taylor Swift, Halseyand Kerry Washington went to social media on National Voter Registration Day on September 22, 2006 to see if the voices of their fans were heard in the election of the next U.S. president: Joe Biden or Donald Trump. That’s what they had to say.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa, 31, shared a photo of her holding a sign urging her followers to vote while standing with her Sethas Phillipsas, which is known on Instagram as @dudewithsign. Seth kept his own sign that read, “Let’s be scary,” and the actress’s sign, “But not until you vote.” In the photo, she wore a white face mask along with a long black dress with a belt under a black jacket and black shoes. “PRIORITIES, DO YOU FEEL? @dudewithsign, ”she wrote in the headline.

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson40 m. October 21 Instagram posted a photo on the website of her standing and holding the American flag, along with a message expressing her gratitude for living in the states and encouraging citizens to vote. “When I was a little girl, I always knew I wanted to live and work in America,” the Australian wrote. “A decade ago, I came with a suitcase, a doona and a hard-working mindset. I was here and I sent you love, guys, during the upcoming election, I met so many amazing and talented 💕 #voices ”

Jaredas Leto

Jared on October 21. Went to Instagram to post what it looked like naked mirror person it showed his amateur muscles and used the inscription to remind people to vote. “With a hump day. PS Don’t forget to vote, “he wrote.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana
Zoe Saldana (AP)

Zoe Saldana worked with the Vote Like Madre group to encourage Latinx mothers, like herself, to vote for candidates who support climate change on 3 November. Guardians of the galaxy actress, 42, played a passionate about PSA group, stating why it is so important to “promise” children that they will. “Pinky promises her children that you will vote like Madre in this election. That you choose candidates who are boldly planning to fight climate change, ”says Zoe in the video, who shared exclusively with HollywoodLife on October 16th.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez encouraged the Latino community to vote in wonders of the impact they could have on the upcoming U.S. presidential election on October 14. Apple Music We are radio. “It looks like we are this huge community in the US. We have all this power, “Lo told the Cuban and American singer Camila Cabello on the radio show, adding, “We deserve to be honored and appreciated for what we contribute to this country.”

“I talked to some people yesterday, and they gave me statistics that blew me away,” Lo. continued. “I don’t want to misunderstand that, but it was something that … don’t motor me, 25 percent. The U.S. population is Hispanic … And this is not a stat. Statistics is our economy, which we contribute to, if you add it to the list, we would be the eighth strongest country in the world. “

Having said that, Loo wanted Latino voters to go to Nov. 3. In terms of “economic power”: “We have the opportunity to put in, as we helped [Barack] Obama, announced the first black US president. The Latino community had so much to do. We can change the results of these elections, whatever they may be. I sincerely believe that this country needs change, and Latin Americans have the power to make that change happen. “

Jennifer Lopez

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee SimpsonThe 36-year-old is eight months pregnant and still traveling to the ballot box. October 13 On a Instagram post, she revealed that she had already filled out her ballot paper and voted early, posing with a sticker “I voted” on her huge baby’s bump, dropping the envelope into the box. She wrote a cute post: “Come out and vote! There are no excuses! ”Man Evanas Rossas commented: “Love the baby too.”

Michael B. Jordan

October 13 Michael, 33, shared a close-up and t-shirt photo of his nose to his upper chest on a Twitter account. In a snapshot, he gnawed on his lower lip and spread a sexual mood when he told followers in the headline “Vote Early.” What a way to attract attention for a reason.

Taylor Swift

Taylor, 30 m. shared a special message with your fans in Instagram history with a series of videos. “Hey guys, today is National Voter Registration Day. The election is on November 3rd. “She said.” “It’s really coming up, and I’ve created a lot of resources that you can register if you’re voting for the first time, check your registration, ask for a non-attendee ballot, and you can figure out the voting process early. We need everyone and that is more important than I can say. “

She also shared cute picture she held a biscuit plate herself, which showed support for Biden and his running friend Kamala HarrisOctober 7, 56, Promoting an interview on the importance of voting. “I talked to @vmagazine about why I would vote for Joe Biden for the president. So accurate that he came out of the VP debate on the night. I will watch and support @kamalaharris with a lot of screaming on TV. And I also have custom cookies, ”she wrote in the headline.


Halsey, 25, has informed her fans that she is determined to register to vote! “Without me” singer, as well as a political activist, posted a cute photo on her Instagram story featuring unique makeup. Halsey, waving a Los Angeles Lakers shirt, had the word “voice” in bright red on her face and an “O” in her left eye.

Kerry Washington

Kerry’s method of forcing his fans to register to vote was a little dirty, but it did the job. The The actress, 43, cheated on her Twitter followers by believing that a Scandal the movie has come! Except … when you click on the link that came with her reason for kissing the Pope Olivia with Fitz Michelle Obama‘s When we all vote website! Now that’s one way to get people’s attention.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston horrified by her appearance 2020 At the Emmy Awards with your Instagram message. She shares a video in which she tries to put out the fire of that host Jimmy Kimmelis The 51-year-old actress wrote on stage: “Let’s put out the fire that is in 2020. Send VOTER a message to 26797 (or click the link in my biography) to check your registration and prepare a plan to vote earlier. Do it RBG! “

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart, 30, has no social media, hence Dylan Meyer lent her girlfriend her Instagram profile to receive her message. Putting his tongue out and wrapping his VOTE shirt, Kristen wrote, “I never do that, but to feel LISTENED, please take this opportunity to anyone who has not yet registered to vote. And not desperate. I am voting because I WANT to believe in our country. Because I believe in climate change.

“I believe in systemic racism. I believe in free speech and right to collect“She continued.” “I believe in arms control. I believe that women have the right to choose their body. I believe that people have the right to live and love and to identify, no matter how they feel in their hearts without fear. I believe people care about each other. So try to spend a beautiful Tuesday and vote for the lives of your king.

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson liked by fans with the most compelling incentives to vote out of all celebrities. If 2,500 fans join it voting initiative, which he shared on Instagram, he will teach them to swear in 15 different languages. Could there be anything better than learning to throw an f-bomb from a master himself?

Tia Mowry

Actress Tia Mowry encouraged fans to show off their “I Voted” stickers, which she proudly displayed in a stunning selfie. “#Vote #bayyyyyang Show your #ivoted #sticker,” she wrote a colorful October 24 photo. In an instant, she shook her branded bangs and stunned the white sweater adorned with blue glitter.

Are you ready to register to vote now? You can register here, HollywoodLifeby simply filling out the form below. Seriously, it’s that simple:

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