Trump’s campaign lawyers have moved forward, but were quickly knocked down


Chaotically trying to overthrow election results, President Trump lawyers representing his campaign claimed for weeks that they were unconvinced that rampant voter fraud had damaged votes in many battlefield states.

However, their actions challenging the result were repeatedly divorced due to defective documents, negligent documents, questionable statements by witnesses and lawyers who admitted in court that they did not allege fraud.

Here are some more embarrassing moments.

A few days after the election, Trump’s campaign lawyers filed a lawsuit in Maricopa County alleging, in part, that some Republican voters used Sharpies to tag their newsletters, making them unreadable by voice machines and achieving countless votes.

The complaint also contained confirmations from several voters and poll observers who said polls had used the confusion to overturn votes for Trump.

However, on 12 November. At the hearing, Trump’s campaign lawyer Kory Langhofer acknowledged that the complaint was not based on evidence of voter fraud but on a “limited number of cases” of “errors of good faith”. to count.

“This is not a case of fraud,” Mr. Langhofer. “It simply came to our notice then. We are not saying that someone is trying to steal the election. “

The witnesses interviewed repeatedly stated that they had no reason to believe that their or other voters’ votes had not been counted.

Later in the hearing, Arizona Democratic Party adviser Daniel Arellano put questions to one of the witnesses, Zack Alcyone, who admitted to being Mr. Langhofer’s business partner.

Asked if he was paid to give evidence, p. Alcyone said it was unclear.

“Hm, not that I know, I didn’t discuss that,” he said.

– But you can be? Mr Arellano asked.

“It’s possible, I don’t think I’m sure,” Mr. said. Alcyone.

The federal lawsuit filed by Conservative attorney L. Lino Wood Jr. sought suspension state certificate of vote in Georgia, arguing that systemic issues in the electoral process have undermined state performance.

A cyber security officer and expert in the Russell J. Ramsland Jr. application promise on Wednesday, claiming that his company had found evidence of non-compliance with electronic voting machines. However, the inconsistency he claimed to have found was in the Michigan, not Georgia, districts.

The statement also listed several cities and counties in which Mr. Ramsland’s analysis allegedly showed that the number of votes cast exceeded the number of eligible votes. However, most, if not all, of the locations listed by Mr. Ramsland were Minnesota towns and counties, not Michigan.

At Thursday’s hearing, Judge Steven D. Grimberg, appointed by Trump, rejected claims of voter fraud.

– I understand this is your argument, any of your evidence? he asked after hearing Mr Wood S.’s lawyer, Ray S. Smith III.

“Suspension of the certificate at literally eleven o’clock would cause confusion and a right of waiver, which I believe has no factual and legal basis,” Judge Grimberg said.

He Rejected challenge.

In opinion November 13 A Michigan State Court judge methodically dismantled the testimony of six witnesses who said they noticed violations of the Detroit vote counting process.

Doubting their credibility and knowledge of the electoral process, Judge Timothy M. Kenny noted that the witnesses missed an information session that could answer many of the questions they raised.

Perhaps if the plaintiffs’ election rivals had participated in 2020. October 29 At the TCF center’s counting site, questions and concerns could be answered before election day, “he wrote. “Unfortunately, they did not do so and therefore the plaintiffs’ lawyers did not fully understand” the process of compiling the absentee ballots.

In a separate case of a non-participation in the Michigan election, Trump’s campaign attorney appears to have initially wrongly filed a lawsuit in the federal lawsuit in Washington, which lacked the authority to hear it.

“The complaint is written as if it were filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan,” Judge Elaine D. Kaplan wrote in the order to refer the case to the appropriate court. “But instead he was brought before this court, probably by accident.”

Anticipating that the turning point in the election would be Pennsylvania, Trump campaign lawyers prepared for legal challenges by disputing votes in several parts of the state.

In recent weeks, however, judges who have oppressed judges have repeatedly admitted that there was no evidence of election fraud.

In the Federal District Court, Williamsport, Pa., Attorney General Rudolph W. Giuliani, discontinued his comments outside the courtroom in support of the president’s allegations of widespread fraud.

“This is not a case of fraud,” he told Judge Matthew W. Brann.

In oral arguments November 10 In the Montgomery constituency case, Trump’s campaign lawyer Jonathan Goldstein reiterated that he also saw no evidence of voter fraud during the disputed vote there:

COURT: In your petition, which is right in front of me – and I have read it several times – you are not saying that any voters or the county board were guilty of fraud, are you? Right?
MR. GOLDSTEIN: In your honor, accusing people of fraud is a pretty big step. And I rarely call someone a liar, and I don’t call a liar a DNC board or other people involved. Everyone wishes to do so honestly. DNC comes in good faith. We are all just trying to hold elections. We think it was a mistake, but we think it is a fatal mistake and these ballots should not be counted.
COURT: I understand. I ask you a specific question and look for a specific answer. Do you claim that these 592 disputed ballots are fraudulent?
MR. GOLDSTEIN: At the moment, to my knowledge, no.
COURT: Are you claiming that voters are being unduly or inappropriately influenced by these 592 ballots?
MR. GOLDSTEIN: At the moment, to my knowledge, no.

Attorneys representing Trump’s campaign in Bucks County signed court documents on Wednesday, informing the judge that there was no evidence of fraud on their disputed ballots.

The campaign filed a lawsuit in the Court of Appeal over more than 2,200 ballots as invalid. But a general statement of the facts with Democratic lawyers, Trump’s campaign lawyers acknowledged: “The petitioners do not claim and there is no evidence of fraud involving the disputed ballots.”

Lawyers also said there was no evidence of “misconduct” or “inadequacy” in the election.

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