The best pickup pickups of Fantasy Week 2: Malcolm Brown breaks, Marlon Mack’s injury opens the door for Nyheim Hines


There are always surprises (Malcolm Brown, Dallas Goedert, Nyheim Hines, Joshua Kelley) and several serious injuries (Marlon Mack, Le’Veon Bell) in the opening week of the season. Often, fantasy football owners react too much, giving up their favorite pre-season sleepers and rushing to add a random rookie who caught TD (Laviska Shenault Jr.) or a veteran who received a surprising number of touches (Python Barber, Adrian Peterson). The bottom line is that fantastic football is often a reactionary game, so when you see someone who likes it Logan Thomas, Jimmy Grahamor Robby Anderson for the show to be good, understand that you should grab them – even if it’s the best outing they’ll have all year. The the best 2 week fantasy opt-out shows and free agent adds is full of guys who may have already peaked, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider claiming them.

Ours full list of free agents characterized not only by reactionary choices. Some players may not have had huge games, but their use suggests that bigger things are yet to come. Injuries also play an important role in predicting future value, so taking some backups now can really pay off. Of course, there are a lot of players who haven’t played enough, and even if they had mediocre opening games, better things are yet to come. We also have several potential TE and D / ST flows end of list (because it is never too early to broadcast). And if you already want a new kicker (and why not?), Ours 2 week kicker ratings can help find an upgrade.

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Whether to use the highest waiver requirement this week is a difficult question. While certain players, such as Brown, Hines, Kelley, and Goedert, have many long-term advantages, hardly anyone would attribute them to true difference makers without even more injury. It’s hard to allow such potential beginners to give up exemptions, but it’s a blessing and a curse of the greatest requirement – you want to keep it when there’s a more obvious long-term manufacturer. But if that’s not your style – or you think you need a specific player – you can feel comfortable taking a step and grabbing some solid co-authors, such as the players listed below.

Defender | Running back | Wide receiver | Strict end | D / ST | Kicker

The best fantasy football waiver shows for 2 weeks

Unless otherwise noted, only players in less than 50 percent of Yahoo’s leagues considered.

Malcolm Brown, RB, rams. Cam Akers gets the ram start on Sunday night, but it was Brown who shone, leading the team in the carriage (18), emergency landing (79) and landing (2) teams. Akers still had 14 carriages, but he was only able to 39 yards on the ground. Perhaps even more reprehensible is Brown’s overtaking Akers in the draw and scoring three of four targets in the 31rd, compared to just one win for four yards for Akers. Akers is still a superior talent and could easily surpass Brown next week, but at the moment, Brown is likely to continue to get the most reps until Akers can get away with it. Brown is expected to own more than 25 percent of Yahoo’s leagues. – Matt Lutovsky

Defender | Running back | Wide receiver | Strict end | D / ST | Kicker

Nyheim Hines, RB, Colts. Marlon Mack (Achilles) is expected to spend the rest of the season, all in the Colts RB depth chart. That means Jonathan Taylor is the main carrier of the ball, but Hines proved he will be very tense at 1 week as well. Even before Mack left the game against Jacksonville, Hines steals touches. He finished with 73 total throws and two TDs and 15 touches (eight receptions). Not all matches will be as favorable as this one, but Hines should continue to receive 12 plus touches per match, making it valuable in standard leagues as well as playing the limit in PPR format every week.

Dallas Goedert, TE, Eagles. Much has been done in the wake of the Eagles WR injuries, but even Jalen Reagor, Spin, and DeSean Jackson are healthy, with Goedert leading the team in receptions (8), targets (9), and backyards (101). He also caught one of two Carson Wentz TD throws. Colleague TE Zach Ertz caught another, but it is worth mentioning that Ertz had only three catches and 18 yards on seven targets. Goedert is suddenly not “better than Ertz,” but it is clear that he will be an important receiver of the Eagle system.

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Joshua Kelley, RB, Chargers. Austin Ekeler is still the “back driver” in Los Angeles, shown by his 19 wears in 1 week, but Kelley is clearly his top reserve player – and he could have the value of flexibility for many weeks, despite Ekeler’s health. Kelley ran 12 times in his debut for 60 years and the score, touched the goal lines many times and looked impressive at all points on the pitch. Weighing 5-11, the 212-pound UCLA player has many advantages with 10 plus touches per match, and he may even take over the main runner if the chargers want to use the Ekeler for more returns. role. Either way, the Kelley is a necessary handcuff for Ekeler owners, and it’s worth grabbing, even if you don’t have an Ekeler.

Python Barber, RB, Washington. Someone had to bring them back to Washington, and Barber took most of them in 1 week. He ran 17 times (eight more than Antonio Gibson) and scored twice in goal lines. His 29 yards leaves a lot to be desired and probably tells us more about his long-term prospects than the two random TDs, but all the “leading defenders” have potential value (especially if they touch the goal line) and now Barber looks like the main guy in Washington. That may rush to change – especially if they don’t play with a second-hand advantage – but at least Barber is worth grabbing as a free agent.

For additional opt-out / free agent offers, including more leads and potential traffic, check out our full 2 ​​week list.

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