Teen moms, dads, men and guys rated: What is # 1 ?!


1. Cole DeBoeris

Cole DeBoer

Cole DeBoer is the man of Chelsea Houska and thank God for that. He is a great Aubree stepfather (and he made it clear that he is ready to adopt her if / when Adam relinquishes his parental rights for her, as he did with his other child), he and Chelsea have two precious babies together and one and since he first appeared on the show, he has been perfect. It’s easy number one, all of you.

2. Taylor McKinney

Taylor McKinney

Taylor McKinney is the husband of Maci Bookout, and they have two children together, Jayde and Maverick, and they often talk about having more, whether it’s more pregnant, or foster care and adoption. They also raise Bentley, the son Maci had with Ryan Edwards, and it is safe to say that Taylor also does all the hard work of raising his father there. How does he coach the little Bentley League team, how cute is that? And sure, Taylor drinks Bud Light like water and he’s in the desert, but he’s a wonderful father.

3. Jo Rivera

Jo Rivera

His Rivera is the father of Isaac, the eldest son of Furry Lowry, and he shares a daughter named Vivi with his wife Vee. He and Kailyn met as teenagers, but it wasn’t long before they realized they were terrible together. They fought for copyright protection for a few years, and sometimes still fight, but they managed to put off most of all their personal problems for Isaac. Also, does He still allow Isaac to stay with his former stepfather Javi and how much does he understand that? That’s a really good father to do.

4. Tyler Baltierra

Tyler Baltierra

Tyler Baltierra with Catelynn Lowell was 12 years old (yes, literally), and when she got pregnant at 16, they gave their daughter up for adoption. Since then, they have had two more children, daughters Nova and Vaeda, and have survived only many things together. Sometimes he can be quite insensitive, but obviously he likes to be a father and spend time with his girls. You love seeing it.

5. Gary Shirley

Gary Shirley

Let’s put it this way: Gary wasn’t a great teenage mom in the beginning. He never did anything to make it clear that Amber was hurting him, but he was some kind of scoundrel. Luckily, over the years, he has matured a little, and for Lea and Emile, the daughter he shares with his wife Kristina, he looks like a great father. And thank God for that, especially Leah needs a lot of stability with Amber’s mom.

6. Corey Simms

Corey Simms

Corey Simms was married to Leah Messer, and they had twins Ali and Gracie. They divorced when Leah couldn’t stay true to him (also because she had twins and married as a teenager), but Corey was a good father and a good accomplice to Lea. He’s just a good boy.

7. Andrew Glennonas

Andrew Glennon

Oh, Andrew … where do we start? He loses points because of his history of restraining his orders, but how he sped up baby James after the terrible melting of Amber in 2019. In July, it is really commendable. Since the arrest, we’ve heard a lot of evidence confirming that she had been violent against him nearly a year before the violence in July, and Andrew said she was also harsh with James. He seems to put James in safety and well-being first and foremost, and if that’s not a good dad, what is it?

8. Cory Wharton

Cory Wharton

Cory is newer to the Teen Mom franchise – he is a former boyfriend of Cheyenne Floyd and the father of their daughter Ryder. He also has a baby named Mila with his current girlfriend Taylor Selfridge. Maybe we don’t know as much about him as the other guys because he just hasn’t been that long, but so far he looks like a pretty solid guy, right? He agrees perfectly with Cheyenne, he is the active father of Ryder and Milos … good job, Cory!

9. Jeremy Calvert

Jeremy Calvert

Jeremy Calvert was married to Leah Messer, and they have one daughter, Addie. Jeremy mouths a lot and says a lot of ignorant things, but that’s less of a list of who these guys are as people, and more about who they are as parents and partners, and he seems to have strengthened his game in those areas. There are constant rumors going on, and he and Lea are back together again, and while we don’t know about it, we know they really agree, plus he also really spent more time with Addie than before.

10. Javi Marroquinas

Javi Marroquinas

Javi Marroquin was married to Kailyn Lowry and they have one son together, Lincoln. Javi was also a pretty great stepfather to Isaac’s first son, and now he has another son with his fiancée Laurena. His question is not so much about a good dad as about a good romantic partner – he controlled with Kailyn, very strange with Briana, he cheated on Lauren and said on the show that it was his second choice for Briana and even came out that he was juggling all three of those women simultaneously. In addition, Kailynas has said that Javi tries to establish her as soon as he is in her city. So yeah, pretty solid dad, but how about a guy? No.

11. Simon Saran

Simon Saran

Simon Sarah was the most serious guy Farrah ever had on the show, so he’s kind of awful about the association, right? Sure, he called her from time to time for nonsense, and it was fun to watch him on the show, but we won’t call him a good guy or anything.

12. Joshas McKee

Joshas McKee

Josh is Mackenzie’s husband and … ugh. She allegedly left him after learning that after her mother’s death, she was talking behind her cousin’s back, but they spent a lot of time together and look like they were together again. Even before the sketchy cousin’s business, she left him because he cheated on her. She also admitted she was really scary about him. But she really says he’s a good dad, and recently hinted that’s why he took it back again.

13. Devoin Austin

Devoin Austin

Devoin is the ex-boyfriend of Briana DeJesus and the father of her eldest daughter Nova. And boy, do they have their problems. For a long time there, Briana complained about how he had never spent time with Nova, but she also refused to let him see her anywhere without her site. And when she finally agreed to let her take her to her, he took her to the pool, then got drunk playing with her in the water, which, of course, excited Brian very much. But while it wasn’t great, we learned from these two social media battles that Devoin actually spends more time with Nova a week than Briana, and that Briana wants him to look as if he’s not coming around. she is filming a show that is clearly a shadow on her side. So yes, there are problems, but Devoin seems to be really trying, so it’s okay.

14. Jason Jordan

Jason Jordan

Lea met this guy Jason Jordan twice – and it didn’t work out. At first, everything looked good to him. He was a little older than her, but that meant he was more mature or not, so would he be more suitable for Leah and her three children? Not so much already. It turned out that he gave his daughters a crawl, and when he had too much control, Leah gave him shoes. Not a great guy and thankfully not long enough to see what a father he would be like.

15. Kiefferis Delpas

Kiefferis Delpas

It would be utterly incomprehensible and morally wrong for us to make any detailed report about teenage mom’s friends and not mention KIEFFAH. This guy was the first real Jenelle Evans guy as a teenage mom 2, and … wow. When Kieffer was next door, Jenelle began to have more fun, she stole her mother’s credit card and started making heroin. He’s not a gem, but it’s certainly not Jenelle’s worst love affair.

16. Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel

Louis is the father of Stella, Briana’s second daughter, and she didn’t spend as much time with him as she did at the club, got pregnant, and then met heartily for several months before deciding to bury him. He doesn’t really see Stella much, but started sending Briana about $ 200 a week for her, which is more than many of these dads.

17. Sean Austin

Sean Austin

Sean Austin is the father of Jade Cline and the father of her daughter Kloie. They weren’t together for a while after Kloie was born for drug use, and judging by some of the Teen Mom 2 scenes, things got really bad for them, but Jade has since said Sean has changed everything fundamentally. They came back together, and she says he’s a great dad now, so … right?

18. Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis

Aww, look, this is Andrew’s “What?” Lewis! Andrew, if you missed it, was Jenelle Evans’s boyfriend at the time, and the paternity test proved he was the father of her eldest child, Jace. He’s such a weird, creepy buddy, but he’s signed up to his parental rights, so at least not all of them are in Jace’s life and ruining him to hell. If only we could say the same about Jenelle …

19. Matt Bavaria

Matt Bavaria

Hey, that’s rough old Matt Bavaria, a former friend of Amber Portwood and Deadbeat’s dad Extraordinaire! Reaching out to several other teenage moms, Matt crept into Amber’s life and brought his shadowy past, including the many children he helped bring to the world before completely abandoning them. If you’re wondering why Matt isn’t lower on the list, it’s because he was pretty good at Amber’s daughter Lea.

20. Chris Lopez

Chris Lopez

Chris Lopez is the father of Lux’s third son, Luxo, as well as her new baby, Creed, and he has also met her at least a couple of times. The history of their relationship is so messy that it’s hard to really make any decision about it, you know? She claimed he was violent and was a dishonest dad, he claimed she was lying about him, and was also recently arrested for his alleged assault. She says he rarely sees the boys and doesn’t even send her money for diapers, but again says she’s lying. Anyway, it’s scary for kids, so we can’t put it on the list too much, right?

21. Nathan Griffith

Nathan Griffith

Nathan Griffith was once engaged to Jenelle Evans, and he is the father of her second child, Kaiser. On the show he may encounter such a pleasure, but make no mistake, he has a lot of problems. He has a handful of DUIs, has been repeatedly accused of domestic violence and may have been a little more active in Kaiser’s life, for example, perhaps just being able to live in the same state. He also refused Kaiser’s custody, even claiming that David was abusing him, which is extremely disappointing.

22. Ryan Edwards

Ryan Edwards

Here we go to the bottom of the barrel, friends. Ryan just isn’t great at any ability. He is the father of Bentley, the son he shares with Maci, and Jagger and Stella, the children he shares with Mackenzie Standifer. Unfortunately, instead of being the active father of his children or Mackenzie’s husband, he is simply detained and then goes into rehabilitation. He has been battling bad addiction to heroin for at least a few years, and although his family has demanded that he be clean, not everyone believes this to be true.

23. David Eason

David Eason

If you’ve just felt a wave of nausea, don’t worry: it’s not food poisoning, it’s not an morning sickness, it’s just David Eason! David is the father of Jenelle Evans ’third child, and there is not enough time during the day to count all the ways in which he is a terrible partner and father. He killed Jenelle’s dog and we heard it several times claiming he was violent. Nathan swears he is violent against Kaiser, the former in court said he was violent against her when she was pregnant with her son, we heard records he was absolutely terrible to her older daughter Maryssa and she cried for fear of him … it’s all scary , each piece of it.

24. Adamas Lindas

Adamas Lindas

… But Adam is still the worst. He has been arrested about a billion times for things like DUI and domestic violence, as well as his inability to support children. He underwent a court-ordered drug test and failed because there was a “significant amount” of time in his system. He has waived his parental rights to Paislee, the daughter he shared with girlfriend Taylor Halbur, and although he is still Aubree’s dad, he is only allowed to see her at the visit center – he usually misses those visits. There really isn’t a single redeemable thing like a father or a boyfriend, and that’s sad.

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