Taylor Hall trade pickups: Bruins get Sabers negotiate scratch deadline


In early 2021. During the NHL trading period, word began to spread that the Bruins and Sabers had an agreement on top-tier trading chip Taylor Hall.

The deal was officially official around 8 a.m. when Hall and Curtis Lazar went to the Bruins team for Anders Bjork and in 2021.

It’s a move that has long been speculated but eventually diminished as the NHL trading deadline approaches.

That’s why it paid off for Don Sweeny and his Bruins, and why it’s weird for Sabers GM Kevin Adams.

Bruins takeaways

1. Secondary evaluation

The boys from Beantown are currently sitting in the last playoff spot in the East, and many teams are too far away. And they really need offensive juice. The Bruins have only a plus-5 goal difference, which is the smallest of all the teams currently in the playoffs, and have scored a paltry 106 goals (26th in the NHL) with 70 out of 5v5.

Yes, Hall’s season at Buffalo was a huge failure, but he proved he could score a goal in his career. 2018 The winner of the Hart Trophy has 582 points in 664 career matches, and one thing the Bruins series begged for – for several years now – is a secondary result.

His addition will give Bruce Cassidy more flexibility as he will most likely miss a spot next to David Krejci, whom he talked to the media on Monday.

“He’s been a great player in our league for a long time,” Hall said of the longtime Bruins Center player. “I have a lot of respect for what he’s done during his career and how he can still play at a high level – it’s incredible – along with a lot of other guys on that team. Such a good hockey, smart, can see the game and can move very well there.”

2. Relieves pressure from Hall

Being No. 1, winning that Hart Trophy three years ago, Hall’s shoulders were under a lot of pressure. He was expected to wear the Devils (but then suffered injuries). It was expected to be a spark for many years when he went to the Coyotes. He was expected to be the “guy” next to Jack Eichel.

Now that Patrice Bergeron, David Pastrnak, Brad Marchand are in the top six, he doesn’t have to be a “guy” and be just one of the guys.

“That was one of the biggest reasons I wanted to play in Boston,” he said. “That’s why I’m very happy to be changed here. In my career, I’ve been the center of many teams and I’ve never become myself. It’s just the situations I’ve been in and the first chance I got into a free agency, I went to the Buffalo team, where was Jack Eichel, a player who I think is better than myself.I just wanted to be one of the guys.I wanted to be on a successful team.After all it didn’t work here in Buffalo, but on the way to Boston, there are so many great players on that team – Hall of Famers – a career for guys who had just an amazing career, so that if I had something like that at the end of my career, I would be very happy. ”

3. Long lasting

Hall hinted to reporters during his Zoom session that he wanted to go to the Bruins out of season, but while he was around, the parties could not agree on an agreement. Although he only signed this year and is an unlimited free agent, he can be a long-term bruin in terms of how listening works for the rest of the season.

“I would like to be Bruin for a few years. I have had a bad year personally and I have to play well,” Hall said. “I have to contribute and most of all I want to be the team that wins the games. I’m really sure we can do it here. That’s just my main goal. There have been a lot of distractions this year, a lot of things that really didn’t work out “I just never got down on my right foot. I think the best way to gain confidence is to be part of a winning team and become part of a bigger decision, and that’s what I hope to do.”

Sabers to take away

1. The hall had to go

This is given. Two goals in 37 matches – one that opens in the evening – just doesn’t drop when you’re a former choice no. 1 and a guy with a Hart Trophy. It certainly won’t reduce once you’ve signed up for 8 million. USD transaction. And that doesn’t diminish when you’re set up not only with former coach Ralph Krueger, who worked with Hall in Edmonton for three years and who Hall praised through his media availability after signing, and top centman Jack Eichel.

It’s easy here. The hall had to go, no questions were asked.

“I can’t give you that answer right now (which didn’t happen) because it was such a whirlwind of the year that it obviously went pretty badly,” he said. “We started with the first 10 games when we were over 500 and then we had a COVID outbreak and then we couldn’t stand up.

“And obviously it wasn’t the season I’d like to have. Not even close. In the last few days, you’ve been looking for a soul and looking at what you can do better and looking forward to the future.”

2. No first lap option?

Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen managed to rip David Savard out of the first lap. He also managed to capture Nick Foligno’s first-round selection. So the big question is: how couldn’t Adams grab Hall’s first-timers?

It is clear that the decline of the last few years – and the aforementioned 2021 – led to a weaker Hall market. But you think there will be some GM ready to pay the price for a possible Hall upside.

3. What did they actually get?

Basically, the replacement of Lazar and Bjork is 1 in 1. Two guys who don’t list a lot of oomps on the list, but can perform level 6 roles. So what does the team get? Choosing a second wheel? Not a lot of Hall transportation. In fact, the Sabers pay the Bruins to occupy Halo. Adams reportedly agreed to keep the remaining 50 percent of Hall’s contract, helping the Bruins team, which had no room to take on the entire contract.

Overview: Sabers 100% He will lose Taylor Hall season. With trading, they got at least something in return.

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