Sponsors Nicole Franzel DROPPED for the ability to make fun of Iano Terry from big brother


Remember when the number Big brother the stars were unveiled mocking their autistic household?

Actions have consequences. In the case of Nicole Franzel, brands cannot distance themselves quickly enough.

Big brother's mockery - Nicole laughs

Olay was one of the first brands to draw attention to the behavior of Nicole Franzel’s forces Big brother.

“Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention,” the beauty brand wrote to concerned fans on Twitter, and not for the first time.

“We no longer have a business relationship with this person and are not planning future work together,” Olay confirmed. “We do not tolerate bullying at all and do not support this person’s behavior.”

Big brother's mockery - Dani and Nicole

Chateau Ste. The Washington-based Michelle winery has also confirmed that they no longer have anything to do with the now-disputed reality star.

“Hello, thank you for drawing our attention to the situation with Nicole Franzel and the current Big Brother season,” they wrote on Twitter.

“We do not tolerate any discrimination,” the brand confirmed. – We are reviewing this issue and will take further action. Thanks again.”

“Our relationship with Nicole was established before she joined the current show,” the winemaking brand later explained.

“As soon as we learned of the situation and decided to end our cooperation now and in the future, we took immediate action,” Chateau Ste said. Michelle added.

Twitter has concluded: “We do not tolerate or accept any discrimination or bullying.”

Olay Twitter, Chateau Ste.  Michelle tweet - vs Nicole Franzel

So what is the scandal that led supporters to drop Nicole left and right?

It started with a look at the 24-hour live cameras in Big Brother’s house, where she and Dani Briones discussed housewife Ian.

Ian is autistic, as they well know, and he sometimes moves – a pattern of movement called “swinging” as a simple coping mechanism.

“Sometimes I can’t even look at it,” Dani Nicole admitted on camera [of] its constant movement ’.

She then stated, “It emphasizes me.”

“I feel like I have to say that,” Dani said, “but I’ll have to move literally to a point where I don’t see it.”

Big Brother's Mockery - Memphis 01

It wasn’t even the only incident, as there was a video of Memphis Garrett mocking Ian’s manners and delving into his vocabulary.

It would be rude to say anything, but they all know that Ian is autistic, just as he knows he is in the cell. That they know makes it worse.

In the shots of Memphis mocking Ian, we see Nicole, Dani, and Christmas Abbot laughing and giggling as if it weren’t capable and cruel.

Big Brother's Mockery - Memphis 02

Fans are still wondering if the producers will avoid this footage or show it up front and center in a future episode.

Whether they do it or not, dedicated fans watching the channels made sure the news spread.

And, of course, some of the former housewives have shared their disgust on social media.

BB's mocking

“Instead of laughing,” Janelle Pierzina suggested on Twitter, “they should stand up for Ian.”

She then explained to her followers, who may need to be reminded, “He has a disability.”

Janelle noted that she was “completely disgusted” by what she and so many fans had seen.

BB's mocking tweets are disgusting

“The inside of BB’s house reflects the failure of society when it comes to managing diversity,” Kaysar Ridha said in a Twitter post.

“We could use a lesson in empathy and awareness,” he said.

Kaysar touched on many topics and various forms of fanaticism, and he made sure he had time to discuss the ability directed at Ian.

Kaysar Ridha appeals to the mockery from BB

“Ppl, which are neurodiverses and are on the spectrum, should be protected and not thrown in the trash,” Kaysar stressed.

He stated: “I have zero tolerance for this issue # BB22.”

That is very true. This behavior is not justified.

BB's mocking tweets - Kaysar Ridha

One interesting detail to consider is that the stars themselves don’t really know they were viral.

First of all, Nicole is not yet aware of the sponsorship, which has very publicly severed all ties with her.

She is waiting for one seriously rude awakening. Womp womp.

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