Rivera’s best offer to America ‘doesn’t give him credit’


Brian Williams responded to Gerald River by speaking of Donald Trump’s “devotion” to FDR in “fighting” COVID-19 in a seemingly sarcastic tone when his golf photos flickered on the screen.

Brian WilliamsThe 61-year-old drew everyone’s attention in his show, 11 a.m. MSNBC and Twitter on November 20, when he responded directly Geraldo Riveraclaims that Donald Trump74 m. Responsible for the “miraculous medical breakthroughs” when it comes to COVID-19, and it has become quite salty! The camera cut the journalist immediately after showing Geraldo discussing a possible future COVID-19 vaccine and suggesting that America “will still wait for a brutal winter”, if not Trump. He then deceived the president by speaking supposedly sarcastically about Gerald’s views, including a comparison with Trump and the 32nd U.S. president. Franklin D. Roosevelt, as a series of photos flashing across the screen showing Trump playing golf.

“You know, for my money, Geraldo makes a good point, it’s likely we just don’t give the president enough credit for his FDR-like commitment to fighting the virus,” he said. “His focus on the laser, his daily devotion, the compassion he forever expresses to the families of a quarter of a million people.”

Then a clip was shown in which Trump dropped protective face mask for a photo op., returning to the White House after his suffering your fight with COVIDas Brian continued. “Even as the president gives us such lectures, please wear a mask and stop the spread, he has always been in favor of injections,” he continued, before boldly mentioning some of Trump’s successful food and beverage products, as well as Trump University, who terminated in 2011 Through several investigations, lawsuits, and student complaints. “Geraldo can do something. “What Trump Steak did for the hungry, what Trump Water did for our nation, what Trump University did to educate an uneducated person in our country.”

Brian Williams
Brian Williams caught the attention of MSNBC viewers and Twitter users on Nov. 20, when Donald Trump seemed deceptive in response to Gerald Rivera’s comments. (AP)

“Well, the vaccine comes with Trump,” Brian concluded when a picture of a vaccine bottle with Trump’s face was shown with the syringe needle. “The possibilities, I think you will agree, are endless.”

When Brian’s comments about Trump appeared and the videos went to Twitter, users couldn’t help but tweet about a memorable moment. “I love it when @ 11thHour and Brian Williams get salty. Lol, ”one tweeter wrote, and the other exclaimed,“ Bravo, Brian! “

“The virus itself should be named after the trump, not the vaccine. #trumpvirus, “wrote the third tweet, and the fourth wrote,” I like it. Sarcasm from Brian Williams. He is doing so well. “

Brian’s comments follow D. Trump were criticized society the way he behaved Covid-19 pandemic since it began to spread among Americans earlier this year. One recently posted comment that received a reaction from many Americans, including celebrities, was his October 5th. A tweet in which people were told Don’t be afraid of the virus or “let it dominate” their lives. He shared words by announcing that he had been diagnosed with the virus, which he hospitalized for several days before returning to the White House to recover.

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