Oculus Rift S killed by Facebook is a mercy kill, not a crowd


Coincidentally, Facebook kills Oculus Rift S VR headset announces it on the same day Oculus Quest 2 Facebook Connect. In the paper, the Go, Quest, and Rift families were supposed to have different devices for different markets, but they came together in a much shorter amount of time than people expected. How that meant The end of Go earlier this yearRift’s death was a long-thought-out killing, certainly more of an issue when than than.

The VR market was different when Facebook segmented Oculus products into three families. Go was a cheap viewer of 3DoF media with minimal gaming potential to please people who didn’t want to spend more than $ 200 alone on VR headphones – Walmart was a big customer of Go. The quest was a $ 400 6 DOF separate alternative it was better than Go in every way and very capable of playing, but not comparable to a VR-ready personal computer. Finally, Rift S was only a $ 400 headset for PC VR purposes only, and performed slightly better than Quest when connected to a Windows device, but wasn’t able to use one.

Over the past year, Facebook has worked aggressively to make Quest a viable replacement for Go and Rift. To win Rift users, Oculus Link has made Quest an alternative to Rift that tied to computer VR worked almost as well. Towards Go, Quest 2 drops from $ 400 to $ 300, closer to Go’s starting price of $ 200 and reaches The “magic” price point this usually leads to the growth of attractive products for hockey sticks.

Make no mistake: Task 2 is compelling. Thanks to her Snapdragon XR2 chipset and huge screen updates, Quest 2 will be a better standalone VR headset and better PC VR headsets than its already capable predecessors, at a lower cost than any Rift. Its internal monitoring and screen resolution should bypass the wheels HTC competes with Vive Cosmosand that’s before considering the comfort, size, and weight of Quest 2. Assuming Facebook can get enough units in stores – and that people don’t mind the latest Oculus / Facebook account policy – There is every reason to believe that this new model will be an extraordinary hit.

It’s hard to imagine where the Rift S would have gotten into the Oculus series with the advent of Quest 2. The Rift S was not so much a step forward as a step to the side when announced, focusing on greater comfort and convenience rather than major visual or other special enhancements. Looking back, Facebook has determined that Rift is disappearing at this time. The the company clearly stated that while he worked innovations prepared by the new generation Rift, it had no immediate plans to commercialize them and planned to test them in its offices – perhaps using enterprise applications – before any general release. Consumers were soon unable to expect the Rift 2.

Facebook has predicted that stand-alone VR, not PC-connected VR, is the future of virtual reality technology. While killing the Rift S and offering Quest 2 at an aggressive price, Oculus is already betting on a single VR, the reality is that the Quest family is able to cover both a stand-alone and a tethered base for a better price. price than the Rift S, in addition. This means that there is no need for PC VR fans to give up their software libraries or give up the tied experience, although my best guess is that Facebook will spend the next two years in a way that makes the individual experience as appealing as possible.

Whether the Quest 2 will be enough to completely displace HTC Vive, Valve’s Index and other vendors’ headphones is yet to come, but it was the right choice for the Rift S, which had no promising future given its features, specifications and price point. At some point, there may be an Oculus headset with high-end innovations that millions of people would actually pay for, but for now, focusing on making VR more attractive to the masses is the right move.

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