Nicole Poturalski: Is Brado Pitt’s new girl casting a shadow on Angelina Jolie NOW ?!


Last month, the world learned that Brad Pitt was meeting Nicole Poturalski, a 27-year-old German model.

Now, it’s no wonder Brad is romantically involved with a 30-year-old younger European model.

After all, this guy recently won an Oscar for a role that was the opposite of Leonardo DiCaprio’s surprise.

But the more we learned about Brado and Nicole’s relationship, the more unusual the situation became.

First, people determined how much Nicole looks like Angelina Jolie.

This became clear later Poturalski is still marriedand her much older husband has no problem with her openly meeting with Pitt.

In many ways, etc., the situation is “celebrities are different from you and me.”

But it seems that these two are at least occasionally forced to deal with all the little things that make life so pathetic for us peasants!

Earlier this week, Nicole posted the photo above.

There is nothing terribly scandalous in the picture itself.

In fact, by the standards of the rich model that beats Brad Pitt, it’s boringly elementary.

However, the inscription Poturalskis, published together with the photo, attracted a lot of attention .;

“Happy people hate,” she wrote.

Obviously, that comment could have been directed at anyone … or anyone specifically.

But given Nicole’s relationship situation, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that the media has come to the conclusion that she subtly casts a shadow over Angelina Jolie.

And this is not such an inevitable conclusion.

After all, Poturalski probably knew how her comment would be accepted by the public, and still posted.

Bradas, Nicole, Angelas

And if she didn’t know, she gets an accident course in acquaintance with one of the world’s most famous public figures.

Not only are Brad and Angelina not in the best of conditions, but they are also currently facing an increasingly messy legal battle.

Yes, it seems that the battle for the care of Pito and Jolie deteriorated rapidly, with both sides leveling the damaging charges against each other.

Pitto’s lawyers last month accused Jolie of harming her children preparing the process for requesting the appointment of a new judge.

“Unfortunately, Jolie’s most tactical game hurts the children of the parties themselves, who continue to lose the final decision on these custody issues,” Brad’s legal team said.

– Jolie’s proposal should therefore be rejected.

Nicole has obviously wandered into the media minefield while meeting Pitt, and if she doesn’t intend to get involved, she may need to choose her words more carefully.

Otherwise, she may appear to herself in an unexpected newspaper.

Of course, she’s a married model meeting Brad Pitt, so it’s likely to happen no matter what she does.

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