NFL power ratings: Seahawks, Browns, Colts look ready for the playoffs; Patriots, Vikings return to reality in 12 weeks


Week 11 The NFL shook the entire league again. While the top three teams scored impressive victories, the next wave of contenders suffered a few blows. There were also several predators who showed the necessary struggle to get out of the bottom feeding status.

This has led to huge changes in Sporting News’ latest NFL power rankings over the 12th week. Here’s how all 32 teams come together against each other and accumulate analysis before Thanksgiving:

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NFL power ratings

1. Kansas Chiefs 9: 1 (last week: 1)

The Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes and the rest of the league doesn’t. That means no matter what else they have when it plays, when things start to count a little more.

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2. The Pittsburgh Steelers 10: 0 (2)

The Steelers’ quest for a perfect season continues with another victory for their attack and defense in Jacksonville. They will have to put constant pressure on the bosses, but first they will have to finish cooking Crow during Thanksgiving.

3. New Orleans Saints 8-2 (3)

The Saints placed on Taysom Hill and marched to a dominant victory against the hard-to-disappear Falcons. The worst part is how well defense has started playing everywhere in recent weeks.

4. Buccaneers Bay 7-3 (5)

The Buccaneers were twice evil against the Saints and once against the Bears. They looked very good against everyone else. Watch them keep finding their groove with Tom Brady and the defense.

5. Green Bay Packers 7-3 (4)

The Packers ‘defensive issues resurfaced in Indianapolis, costing them victory, despite another impressive performance by Aaron Rodgers against the Colts’ tough defenses on the road. The good news is that it was an NFC loss. The bad news is that they are again in 3rd place in the conference.

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6. Buffalo Accounts 7-3 (6)

The Bills rejoiced at the welcome week to see dolphins and patriots lose out on favorites in their games. Buffalo, with the AFC East in his hands and few opportunities to climb sowing, has to work only to improve his work with Josh Allen and defense. It would also help to find a running game for December and January.

7. Seattle Seahawks 7-3 (11)

The Seahawks needed to win the Cardinals to get back to first place, bringing Russell Wilson back to efficiency with a good run of the ball and an inspired pass. The positive events of that game helped Seattle rediscover his most successful identity.

8. Indianapolis Colts 7-3 (13)

The Colts showed their resilience and offensive power in a game in which the defense was not the best, giving the Frank Reich team more victory. Philip Rivers starts playing much better at the ideal time.

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9. Tennessee Titans 7-3 (14)

Ryan Tannehilll and Derrick Henry desperately needed a good game and, understand, it happened in return and overtime mode against the Ravens defense. The Titans may have needed a wake-up call to return to the wild card position.

10. Aries of Los Angeles 6-3 (9)

The backbone of the rams is their defense. They need to find more coherence, balance and explosiveness with Jared Goff and their rush committee. They must not be forgotten as a threat to winning the NFC.

11. Cleveland Browns 7-3 (15)

Browns are for bad weather. They win despite the unfavorable conditions and the more unstable game of Baker Mayfield as they are smartly focused on defense and running, led by Joe Woods and Kevin Stefanski. Assign them that they play what they are instead of trying to be what they are not.

12. Las Vegas Raiders 6-4 (12)

The Raiders’ defeat to the Chiefs is almost a win because they have maintained the confidence they can hang with the division and Super Bowl champions. It’s a good boost for the playoffs and motivation when they can win a game or two when they get there.

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13. Miami Dolphins 6-4 (7)

The dolphins at some point had to take a few offensive pieces with Tua Tagovailoa. Eventually it happened against the city of the Broncos in a hostile road environment. The defense did everything again, but it was still strange to despair lay Tagovailoa. Miami should expect rookie QB not to miss a free fall.

14. Arizona Cardinals 6-4 (8)

The Cardinals’ defense has been an issue all season and it can catch up with them when faced with more explosive crimes. Killer Murray will continue to have a good time and run on a favorable schedule, but they will still need to win a lot of productive games.

15. Baltimore Ravens 6-4 (10)

The Ravens are no longer managing the match in the AFC and are in danger of spreading their victories immediately from the playoffs. Lamar Jackson gets better help from the running game, but the wide receivers don’t do much and the defense suddenly starts to weaken at every level.

16. Chicago Bears 5-5 (16)

The Bears were to welcome the regrouping and hope Nick Foles or Mitchell Trubisky will be healthy to save their slip play-off advantage in Week 12 when it comes to winning the game against the Packers.

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17. San Francisco 49ers 4-6 (21)

The 49-year-old needed a greeting to keep someone healthy because almost no one noticed. They competed hard despite being exhausted offensively and defensively. This is the merit of Kyle Shanahan and Robert Saleh. Without injuries, they would not get into a Super Bowl hangover.

18. Denver Broncos 4-6 (23)

The Broncos’ defense finally came up in support of their spray attack on Drew Lock. Imagine what they could have been with a more competent QB game.

19. Minnesota Vikings 4-6 (18)

What was that? The Vikings did not notice any resting Cowboys players. Their defense was burned again throughout the game. It’s such a waste, given what Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielen, and Justin Jefferson are doing offensively.

20. New England Patriots 4-6 (17)

The Patriots had the opportunity to shoot in the AFC wild card race when several teams lost against them. Unfortunately, Deshaun Watson and Texas had their number for the second season in a row.

21. Detroit Lions 4-6 (19)

What was that? The lions had neither Kenny Golladay nor D’Andre Swift, but they could also have had nothing during that nasty 20: 0 loss to the low Panthers against a backup QB. For Matthew Patricia, it was all over

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22. Carolina Panthers 4-7 (26)

The Panthers did this with PJ Walker and the necessary inspired defensive efforts for Matt Rhule to achieve another victory in addition to Christian McCaffrey. Just wait for this young team to build everything together, no matter what is safe.

23. Philadelphia Eagles 3-6-1 (20)

Eagles are really pushing it with this thing “we can still win the weak NFC East.” Carson Wentz is back in regression when the defense plays better. Their advantage is small because the razor is very tight.

24. Los Angeles Chargers 3-7 (27)

Justin Herbert is going through the best season of all rookies. He is fearless, focused and uses his strong receivers. Now let’s hope the chargers will keep Anthony Lynn at bay in 2021.

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25. Houston Texans 3-7 (28)

Ever since Bill O’Brien was fired, Watson has been horrible and looked amazing, singling out patriots. Thanks to the ceiling of the Texas elite, he is increasingly attracted to the work of Texas.

26. New York Giants 3-7 (24)

The giants had to be greeted to be healthier, and while the Eagles lost against them to help, the Cowboys and Washington were also able to grab even a standings. NFC East is designed to finish, and they expect them to be new favorites. Imagine if they would have won those close games against the Cowboys and the Eagles.

27. Dallas Cowboys 3-7 (30)

The Cowboys got the performance they expected from Andy Dalton, who filled Dhaka Prescott in Minnesota. Farewell was very helpful to make their attack balanced and explosive, and the defense more active and passionate. Don’t sleep when they take back the East.

28. Falcons of Atlanta 3-7 (22)

What was that? The Falcons seemed to have a good offensive pattern with a defensive upgrade to completely collapse against the Saints. They need someone to come and fix everything in coaches and GM.

29. Washington Football Team 3-7 (29)

The WFT played a tougher defense against the Bengals and received the required games from Alex Smith and Antonio Gibson. They cannot be forgotten and ousted by the Eagles.

30. Cincinnati Bengals 2-7-1 (25)

The Bengals team is now the bottom third team without Joe Burrow. The Burrows were so good that they looked better offensive, despite running and blocking problems.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-9 (31)

The Jaguars must return Gardner Minshew to save the face of the defender, as running and defense will not help win the games.

32. New York Jets 0-10 (32)

Joe Flacco had better quality assurance than Sam Darnold, who almost sums up their possible final season with Adam Gase (I hope). Without officially reaching the playoffs, the Jets can now focus on a history without victories.

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