NBA Free Agents 2020: Top Players, New Start Date and More to Know About Free Agency


A typical NBA spending spree was halted during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but rumors of a free agency will resume when the 2019-2020 season ends.

After last year’s horrific persecution of Kawhi Leonardo, this phase of free agency may disappoint fans eager to see the chaotic movement. However, in 2020 There is still a lot of uncertainty in the free agent class because there is no clarity about the financial position of the NBA.

It’s harder than usual to predict which teams will take big fluctuations in signing contracts and deals, but it’s never too early to look at the overall free agency environment.

Here’s everything you need to know before this year’s free agency period, including the best players.

When will the NBA free agency start in 2020?

It was originally scheduled that the NBA free agency would begin on Oct. 18 at 6 p.m. ET, but how Reported by Athletic spokesman Shams Charania September 8 The NBA and the National Basketball Association have agreed to postpone the NBA draft, free agency and the start of the 2020-21 season.

NBA Free Agents 2020: Top Players

Lakers striker Anthony Davis is expected to sign a contract with Los Angeles again this season, making the group a small stellar force. However, there are many solid players who should show up in the market given their contractual situations.

In addition to the list below, a few other noteworthy names include: Carmelo Anthony (unlimited), Mike Conley (player choice), DeMarcus Cousins ​​(unlimited), Andre Drummond (player choice), Evan Fournier (player choice), Marc Gasol (unlimited) )), Joe Harris (unlimited), Dwight Howard (unlimited), Serge Ibaka (unlimited), Paul Millsap (unlimited) and Marcus Morris (unlimited).

Free agent Current team Contract status
1. Anthony Davisas Lakers Player options
2. Brandon Ingram Pelikanai Restricted free agent
3. DeMaras DeRozanas Spurs Player options
4. Fred VanVleet Raptors Unrestricted free agent
5. Montrezlas Harrellas Shearing machines Unrestricted free agent
6. Gordon Hayward Celtics Player options
7. Bogdanas Bogdanovičius Kings Restricted free agent
8. Goranas Dragicas Heat Unrestricted free agent
9. Davis Bertans Wizards Unrestricted free agent
10. Danilo Gallinari Thunderstorm Unrestricted free agent

Uncertainty of the salary cap

The most important question for a free agency is not about every player. It is about whether the salary cap will fall sharply and force teams to re-evaluate how their lists are made.

With the temporary loss of ticket and arena revenues, the large number next season may look significantly different from 2019-2020. The ceiling, which was set at EUR 109.14 million. One possible way to avoid a huge change is to use The idea of ​​”leveling” was announced against a free agency in 2016.

From ESPN Timo Bontemps and Briano Windhorst:

Instead of a sharp drop, the concept would be to maintain an artificially high cap for the 2020-21 season – possibly around the current $ 109 million – and achieve the required 50-50 split per player by reducing the same percentage salary. …

Artificial inflation of the lid would be beneficial to both sides. For players, this would be a way to avoid fines for those who get into a free agency after this season. …

An increased threshold for teams would allow the league to stay somewhere close to the current financial structure. With the sudden drop in the cap, many teams plunged into a fee that was not intended to be in it. It would also allow teams with high salaries to avoid unexpectedly high luxury tax bills. On the other hand, these huge luxury tax bills can help strengthen smaller league markets.

At this time, it is not possible to say with certainty what the ceiling will be when free agents start negotiating with teams. But it wouldn’t be surprising if the “leveling” option ultimately won and kept the cap at that $ 109 million.

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