Monitoring Fantasy Football Buy-Sell and Sell Transactions: Leonard Fournette and Stephen Diggs Among Week 3 Trading Candidates


Massacres took place across the league last week in the form of injuries. Of course, there are many frustrated fantastic football owners who stare at 0-2 or 1-1 with exhausted lists and try to figure out how to improve. Picking up waiver wires can only help you so much, so it may already be time to look at potential deals. If you have a good RB surplus and you need a WR (or vice versa / vice versa), it’s never too early to target the right candidates to low and low sales to make something happen. Fortunately, Fantasy pro Mike Tagliere is ready to help with his Week 3 Stock Watch, featuring prominent players such as Leonard Fournette, Diontae Johnson, Stephen Diggs and James Conner.

Even with only two games in the books, we start to see obvious trends with certain players. When it comes to targets, touches, or injuries, not only the final stats are important, but the whole picture. You can definitely find value here because some owners will simply enjoy the pitches and landing pads and give in to a high quality player too quickly, or crave the average player who has just started to get hot. Either way, you can take advantage if you want to be aggressive and take advantage of multiple opportunities.


As always with caution, in fantastic football, values ​​can change quickly, so don’t use it for a specific trading purpose. Change your mindset as trends change, but don’t be afraid to strike if you have a good offer on the table. – Matt Lutovsky

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Week 3 Fantasy Football Stock Tracking: Low Purchase Candidates

Adam Thielen (WR – MIN)

It is a clear variant of the Vikings attack no. 1, and judging by how the defense looked during the first two matches, we’ll see a lot of past lucky games from Kirk Cousins. Sure, it looked awful at week 2, but it’s a radar flicker that will allow you to buy a Thielen for WR2 prices.

Leonard Fournette (RB – TB)

Bucai looked for a reason to leave Ronaldo Jones, and he gave them such 2 weeks when he made a mistake. From that moment on, we saw Fournette play a more important role, including the long time that won the Panthers. When Tom Brady put in a little effort, Fournette and the running game could be based on a hard move forward. It should be seen as a high-end RB3 with up.

Diontae Johnson (WR – PIT)

According to Johnson’s expert consensus rating last week, there are still a lot of doubts, which means you might be able to buy it cheaper than you should, despite big performances in week 2. Its target of 31.5 percent. Part is elite. It may be the best 24 choice for the rest of the year, which you can still buy at WR3 / 4 prices.

AJ Green (WR – CIN)

There are several pros and cons to Green going forward. The pros are that in two weeks he has seen 22 high-level targets, and Joe Burrow seems to be good. The downside is that Green turned those 22 targets into just 80 points with no result and didn’t look like it once was. Its 3.6 yards behind the target is the 31st worst sign of all time from wide receivers that have seen targets plus 20 or more. It seems like every time he rises off the ground, it’s a struggle. It is possible that after 2019. He will return to the form of the game again, which must be hope. If you can find a fantasy owner who wants to sell cheaply, the vital signs are pretty good. It is likely that it is currently available for purchase at WR4 type prices.

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Week 3 Fantasy football stock tracking: high candidates

James Conner (RB – PIT)

Before the start of the season, I was a big supporter of Conner’s drafting, but he quickly reminded us why he was a risky choice in drafts. The Steelers returned to him as a horse for the second week, but if he suffered another injury, they may have everything they need to make a full-time use of the shared property. He’s a risky player with the rest of the season, so release the players here to see what you can get.

Stephen Diggs (WR – BUF)

In terms of talent, you won’t find a bigger Diggs fan than me, but you’re kidding yourself if you think his WR1 production continues. Josh Allen has not thrown more than 266 yards by Week 1 this year. Now he’s thrown in two weeks for the league’s 729 yards? It’s a situation that just begs to level itself. If you can get the value of the top 15 Diggs receivers, you should take advantage of its hot start.

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Fantasy Football Stock Watch: Players to Keep

Allen Robinson (WR – CHI)

The only player who had a chance to arrest Robinson in 2020 was Anthony Miller, so knowing that Miller played without a catch in Week 2, you should feel better. Robinson quietly held a tough match with James Bradberry in that game, so the fact that he saw nine targets is a good thing. It’s the only full-time Bears wide receiver, and we don’t expect Bears to be very common in positive game scenarios. Expect Robinson to stay near the top of the league in targets, which is all you can ask of your WR1. He will have better days.

Carson Wentz (QB – PHI)

After a slow start to the season, Wentzu will be concerned about a lot of fiction managers, but I urge you to stay there. He and Deshaun Watson are the only two custodians to have released QB1-type numbers in at least 50 percent of games in the past three years. Its receivers and assault line were dismantled earlier in the year, but they will repair the ship in the coming weeks. It all starts with Bengals in week 3.

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