Monday Night Football Draftings Selection: NFL DFS Setup Tips for Week 2 Saints-Raiders Showdown


Michael Thomas (several) will miss Monday night’s football between the Saints and the Raiders, but we won’t miss the DraftKings Showdown either. Thomas ’absence may mean more to Emmanuel Sanders, but we also fade him with Captain Josh Jacobs at the opening of the Las Vegas home. This may be weird, but the whole 2 weeks were weird, so the MNF DFS could follow suit.

Sure, this setup comes loose if Sanders is doing well, but in 1 week we didn’t see enough of him to expect Thomas ’absence to be of direct benefit to him. We also didn’t play Jared Cook, though he’s our favorite replacement for Thomas if you shop into that story with an expensive New Orleans skill guy.

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DraftKings Showdown Picks: Saints vs. Raiders

Captain (1.5x price, 1.5x points): RB Josh Jacobs, Raiders ($ 14,400)

Jacobs is a safe bet to see the most touches of this game, including all the Las Vegas goals associated with the goal, so we’ll lock such a reliable production in place of our captain. Jacobs is also quite resistant to game flow as he is also capable of passing balls. Las Vegas should look for the first game in their new home, so Jacobs should continue his 25th week with 20 and up.

FLEX: RB Alvin the Chamber, Saints ($ 11,400)

Kamara appeared in our captain’s position against the Buccaneers last week, but he didn’t have an effective play on the ground. His price is higher than Jacobs’s, but he will see fewer touches as Latavius ​​Murray will also get a normal workload. The Saints could lead and run a lot for Kamara, but we prefer him in a flexible place when our captain is Jacobs.

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FLEX: QB Draws Brees, Saints ($ 10,600)

Even without Michael Thomas (knee), Brees is one of the safest players on this scale, contributing a solid amount of points. Using three other saints who can get involved in the game of passes means that by using Brees, we also provide the best possible charge.

FLEX: TE Darren Waller, Raiders ($ 7,400)

Waller is Derek Carro’s biggest target, which somewhat covers our Carro fading. We’ve seen OJ Howard play well against New Orleans in Week 1, and Waller fits into the athletics-TET form, which can cause trouble for the Saints again.

FLEX: WR Deonte Harris, Saints ($ 2,400)

New Orleans has designed several performances for Fast Harris in Week 1, and when Thomas is waiting, he should see the ball in even a few device appearances. When you play the cheapest Showdown tournament options, it’s best to make them as explosive as possible, and Harris really is.

FLEX: QB Taysom Hill, Saints ($ 2200)

Yes, two sacred gadget players. The structure of this line-up is such that we may only need one of them to pay off to have a good night, so by covering both bases, we should hit at least one. Hill has also seen a decent 1 week of use and should see a little more with Thomas.

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