Microsoft provides new hardware and software updates for the Surface Hub 2S


When you start creating Surface Hub 2S In April last year, Microsoft plans to introduce a larger 85-inch model, costing $ 21,999, to customers starting in 2021. In January, the company announced today at its Ignite 2020 event. In addition, Microsoft provides Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise, and a firmware update (Windows 10 Team 2020 Update) that is available free of charge to all Surface Hub customers.

Why focus on business whiteboards when a pandemic spreads offices around the world and more than two-thirds (68%) of CEOs plan to reduce their floor space (according to to KPMG)? Microsoft says Surface Hub products can “facilitate the transition” back to offices that remain even with space planning aspects, such as the need for social distance. “One advantage of the larger screen provided by the Hub is that it can help realize social distance so that people stay within six feet of working together,” Robin Seiler, vice president of Microsoft Corporation, wrote in a blog post.

To emphasize this point, Microsoft describes the 85-inch model of the Surface Hub 2S, which can be pre-ordered in the US today, as simply a larger version of the Surface Hub 2S. The nipples and socks include 45% smaller frames, a 20% thinner screen and a 30% lighter body than its counterparts. Steelcase, a longtime partner of Microsoft, has jointly developed a series of 85-inch Surface Hub 2S model mounting solutions, including a floating wall, a floor-mounted wall mount and a mobile basket.

But the original Surface Hub 2S won’t go away. In fact, it will be launched in China later this year with features such as Microsoft Teams integration, one-touch meeting and Microsoft Whiteboard support.

For existing Surface devices, they will be able to run all installations of Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise. Windows in the Surface Hub series is an unrestricted experience, with familiar features and elements such as a taskbar, Start menu, and Windows programs. You can also connect to Windows Hello, but only with Surface Hub 2, which includes a fingerprint reader.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

Separate from the Windows versions, Surface Hub is an update to Windows 10 Team 2020 that supposedly makes it easier for organizations using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to manage Surface Hub and Surface Hub 2S devices. (Microsoft says the Windows 10 Team 2020 update is based on the first release of Windows 10 in 2020.) Highlights include authentication of “modern” cloud device accounts and the new Microsoft Edge, as well as coordinated meetings and proximity by joining Microsoft Teams.

By connecting proximity, users can join a Surface Hub meeting from their PC, smartphone, or tablet. Nearby room audio devices fill in the pre-login menu, allowing users to select the desired room device and connect using audio and video. Meanwhile, users ’personal computers and mobile devices are automatically muted to avoid audio feedback.

The Coordinated Meetings tool allows users to manage both Surface Hub and Microsoft Teams Rooms in a room at the same time, with one device controlling audio and video and the other connecting automatically. In the front screen of the room, participants can optionally be displayed in a grid view “7×7”; At Surface Hub, people can write and draw together on the same canvas, regardless of their location.

Microsoft 10 says the Windows 10 Team 2020 update will be available to all Surface Hub customers next month.

Note that Surface Hub software updates occur after Microsoft has announced that it will not release Surface Hub 2X, a planned upgrade to the Surface Hub 2S processor and graphics card. The company initially said the Hub 2X (which was to come in cassette form) would be needed to run the Windows Core OS platform, which runs Windows 10X devices such as Surface Neo, but in early February the company switched tools in favor different strategy.

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