Mackenzie McKee explains why she came back with her horrible, horrible, not good, very bad, cheating husband


Stop us if you’ve heard this but …

… Mackenzie McKee returned with her husband Josh.

Yes, it’s the same man who admitted to cheating on a Teen Mom veteran last summer.

And the same man Mackenzie suspected cheated on her earlier this year … with her cousin!

Granted Mackenzie eventually dropped the accusation and explained that Josh was just messages her cousin died at McKee’s mother – Josh sought advice on how to be next to his wife.

But anyway.

It’s been an unstable marriage for over a year, Mackenzie often said on social media that the relationship was over.

But earlier this month Mackenzie shared photos of visiting Josh her in Florida, leading to speculation that the spouses are together again.

And now we can stop speculation.

That’s a fact.

Mackenzie and Josh are another thing.

It’s really not our business, and if the reality stars are happy, then what do we have to judge (too strictly)?

And yet … it’s also understandable that many Instagram followers have a lot of problems with this reconciliation.

McKee has earned a living by sharing all aspects of her personal life with the public, so commenting on her marriage is like a fair game, you know?

She asked them based on her chosen lifestyle.

mckee study

Take a look at this last Saturday and Mackenzie has published a series of photos of herself, three children and, yes, their father Josh.

This observation prompted someone to respond:

– So confused, why do I still see that couch?

However, McKee underestimated the tone of this study.

“I’m so confused why you’re following me. The kids need to greet Dad,” she applauded.

And in fact, that can be all.

Mackenzie and Josh were high school lovers and have a long history.

They also share Gannon (8), Jaxie (6), and Bronch (3). We very much understand whether Mackenzie outweighs his own interests here.

Even when Mackenzie moved her family to Florida from Oklahoma, allegedly wanting to escape from Josh, was observed wearing a wedding ring during the transition.

“She wore her ring all the time. I’m not shocked. She had it when she packed the car and on the beach,” one follower wrote in response to the news that Josh was sharing the bed with his wife again. .

Another added: “” Who is this really surprised? They will never be different. Never. “

It’s getting harder to argue about that, isn’t it?

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