Leah Messer confessed to using heroin in a new shocking interview


1. Look back


If you’ve been a Teen Mom fan for a while, you’re probably familiar with Leah’s difficult year, right?

2. Sad


That was when she struggled with almost everything, when her marriage to Jeremy Calvert collapsed, when she actually nodded in camera …

3. Oh no

Oh no

She was currently going to a treatment center and although she said her problems were related to depression and anxiety, almost everyone thought she was actually using drugs.

4. Yes


And after many years, she finally admitted that drugs was her real problem then.

5. Aching heart


Some things she said during the interview, some in her memories, but the story is that it was very difficult for her to give birth to her youngest daughter, Addie.

6. Pain problems

Pain problems

She was left in great pain, so doctors prescribed her painkillers. And when she said she was still in pain, they also threw in some Valium.

7. Such a familiar story

Such a familiar story

If that sounds like a recipe for disaster, it’s because it was – she became addicted, and when she couldn’t get a prescription, she started buying them illegally.

8. Oh, Leah …

Oh, Leah ...

She reached such a low point that she even began to consider suicide – in her book, she remembered one day when she was so overwhelmed by everything that she started to drive fast towards a cliff, having traveled 110 km / h at a time.

9. Wow


Luckily, she left instead of surviving, and was later contacted by a Teen Mom producer who saw the material she was driving from the cameras in her car. Eventually, the producers urged her to go to rehabilitation, and she attributes to them the help to save lives.

10. Good


Leah says she’s been clean since she left rehabilitation, and this year she really put a lot of work into raising awareness about opioid dependence.

11. What else?

What else?

Despite having shared it before, she offered new information on the fight against addiction on the website this week.

12. Kindness Gracious

Kindness Gracious

We sincerely would never have expected some of the things she shared.

13. Oops


In a podcast called Knockin ‘Down Doorz, Lea told the same story about how she started taking drugs, but this time she added that when she couldn’t get pills, she tried other drugs.

14. So sad

So sad

And one of the drugs she tried was heroin.

15. Close the call

Close the call

Fortunately, she only used heroin once because she explained, “I personally experienced that I didn’t feel any of it.”

16. Fair enough

Fair enough

“I think it was a divine intervention,” she said, which makes sense. “It was when I couldn’t find a cure for the pain, there was heroin. [It’s] cheaper and lighter form ’.

17. Family time

Family time

She said she tried to be with her father, which is really sad, but not surprising. She has said in the past that her father often helped her get the pills when she didn’t have a prescription.

18. Another sad story

Another sad story

Speaking about her dad, she said he was actually still using drugs, and although she had been angry at him for drug use in the past, she could no longer feel that way.

19. Not so easy

Not so easy

She said she thought she could “avoid” becoming a drug addict like her father was, and that even when she was at the beginning of the addiction, “I didn’t feel addicted to the drugs I was taking at the time. until it was too late and I committed suicide. ”

20. Illegal activities

Illegal activities

“I bought it on the streets,” she recalled, “I was doing very illegal.” It was a spiral slope from there. ”

21. Scary


“I remember it made me smoke pills, it made me try heroin,” she continued.

22. Making changes

Making changes

In addition to information on drug use, she also discussed her journey to rehabilitation.

23. Jos Persona

Jos Persona

About her treatment, she said, “I was in public and had to keep up with this personality, or this image and [in treatment] I had to run it all. ”

24. Awww


She even said that one of the show’s producers, Larry, “specifically was my biggest support system.”

25. Such a fight

Tokia Kova

“I’ve been in a really tough fight and it’s impossible to know I’m fighting addiction,” Lea admitted.

26. Say time

Tell the Times

“I was being tested for hair follicle medication. I was going to lose custody of my children.”

27. Shame


“It was even more embarrassing for me,” she said. “It’s my whole world. If I lost them, I felt I had nothing to live for.”

28. Support


“And the executive producer was like,‘ Lea. It is best for them to go to a medical institution and get the help they need and deserve. That was my support system. ”

29. Thank God

Thank God

Apparently, Lea went into rehabilitation, and she was able to undermine her addiction. She seems to be doing very well these days, which is very nice to see.

30. Almost unbelievable

Almost unbelievable

It’s hard to hear that she was so ill that she used heroin, but so many opiate addicts are involved – Ryan Edwards, another Teen Mom participant, is reported to have become addicted to heroin.

31. Here we hope

Here we hope

We hope that Leah continues to do well, and I hope that she continues to have a purpose in sharing her story – we think it could really help a lot of people.

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