Lamar Jackson relinquishes ghost story in Ravens-Titans playoff


Lamar Jackson defined the terms of her NFL career before she embarked on the now-known nightly statement project: “They’ll get the Super Bowl out of me. Believe me.”

However, as the 2 1/2 seasons went well, the Ravens defender found no success after the season. He failed to throw a pass until the final 12 minutes, when the Chargers and Titans lost equally. Between those defeats, he threw three intercepted balls and lost two strokes in the first three halves.

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Jackson’s second appearance against Los Angeles two years ago created an ill-fated story about his big game. His meager efforts against Tennessee in January undermined the MVP’s campaign, which was supposed to be a double trip to embarrass stubborn skeptics. This year is the tedious third attempt to finally prove to the public what his statistics show: he is a global superstar at the center that deserves far more praise than it has received so far.

Jackson will no doubt be judged on what he does after 17 weeks, but regular-season competitions such as Sunday’s rematch with the Titans aren’t entirely pointless in shaping his perception. Think of every flashing show he presents as extra style points for his ultimate champion goal. It would certainly be a great satisfaction to choose Mike Vrabel’s defense, and a solid performance against the potential 2020. The playoffs would gain confidence in the entire Baltimore list.

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Neither the Ravens nor Jackson were as tidy late as they were 14-2 a year ago. The unexpected loss of the Patriots last weekend highlighted their vulnerability. With a 6-3 score, they are three Steelers for first place in AFC North and a fight for second in the Browns.

Jackson’s passer-by rating dropped from 113.3 to 95.6. Having averaged the best result in the NFL during his MVP run at 6.9 billion per pass, he is throwing an average of 5.8 billion each season. He believes the crime does not punish opponents with the relentless efficiency he committed during the last campaign.

“We just have to finish,” Jackson said. – These are small trivia little things where they are, we could help them.

Jackson does not publicly consider Sunday’s race against the Titans a game of revenge. He told reporters in the playoffs in Baltimore 10 months ago, “It was last year, we just didn’t succeed and there is nothing we can do.”

And how could this be a game of revenge?

If Jackson dominates, then the expected ambiguous response on social media would demonstrate the crazy reality of his career. His above-average number of games played on a regular basis is almost always matched by reminders of two poor playoffs. Meanwhile, the predecessor Joe Flacco’s average game was forever accompanied by chatter about four amazing playoffs in 2013.

But how about a spicy snack to win the Titans when it counts later? You can believe Jackson will like it.

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