Lala Kent and Randall Emmett Announce Baby Sex in an Epic, Somewhat Crazy Revelation


Lala Kent and Randall Emmett’s upcoming baby really knows how to make an entrance.

He wasn’t born yet.

On Saturday, vet Vanderpump Rules star and her fiancé, who announced last month they were expecting their firstborn together, revealed the sex of the child.

Pretty unique fashion.

The 30-year-old did so by sharing Instagram images of how a parachutist touched a pink parachute from above.

So we have what?

“We have a baby girl!” Bravo’s personality wrote as the title of the video.

Emmet, who is the father of two of his daughters (10-year-old London and 6-year-old Rylee) from a previous relationship, shared the same footage.

And sounded equally mentally about the future girl.

“WE HAVE A GIRL !!!” he wrote.

In the footage, a parachutist, attached to a pink parachute and a large pink ribbon, descends on a field of grass as Lala, Randallas, and their friends rejoice and applaud.

“My God!” Lala said before hugging Randall, who then exclaimed, “I told you!”

The podcast host was joined by several of her Vanderpump Rules stars and news acquaintances, including former star Stassi Schroeder.

Stassi, what is also pregnant and expecting a girl herself posted a video of Lala’s memorable reaction to gender affirmation.

“We have little girls! I hope they are doing better than us,” Schroeder wrote on his Instagram page along with this clip.

Later that day, Kent shared a photo of the sign in his Instagram story, which reads:

“Give them a girl … with Lala and Randall. I’m already in love with you and can’t wait to be your mother.”

Kent and Emmett announced they were looking forward to an episode of their podcast “Give Them Lala” with Randall earlier this month.

“I’m kind of shaking now because I can’t believe it’s the real thing. I’m crying for everything, but today it’s a very happy tear,” Kent said at the time.

lala mergina

“On my 30th birthday, I have the best gift, my body also helped, I’m pregnant,” she revealed until she heard screams in the background and Emmett shouted:

– Lala Kent, she’ll be a mom soon!

Then the clearly overwhelmed Lala added:

“I am and I am very excited. I feel very motherly and motherly.”

The reality TV star and her producer’s boyfriend have been meeting since 2017.

They committed in 2018. In September and fought many rumors of decay before dropping their huge baby bomb.

The couple was going to get married last April, but then Covid-19 hit and, well …

“We have decided to postpone the wedding date to July, given the unfortunate circumstances that are happening,” they told People Magazine in an exclusive statement earlier.

“It’s obviously sad, but for the safety of our family and guests, we decided to wait and see how things go.

“Security will always be our number one priority.”

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