Kylie Jenner reveals what she carries in her 24,000. Watch in a dollar-cost Birkin bag from your luxury closet


Kylie Jenner revealed the contents of her rare Hermès Birkin bag, which included goodies like Kylie’s unreleased products and face masks. She even looked around for her huge collection of shoes and wallets!

Kylie Jenner23 m. Gave fans an update on “What’s in my bag” two years after filming the same type of video! September 14 In a shared YouTube video, Kylie explored the content of the extremely rare, limited edition So Black. Hermes The Birkin bag, conceptualized by the former creative director of Hermès Jean Paul Gaultier Kylie revealed that her mother, whom she strictly called Kris Jennerclaimed Kylie “needed[ed]Bag because it was a “great investment”. Although Kylie did not disclose the exact price at which Birkin was hooked, the same bag was sold for about $ 24,000 Christie’s auction.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner showed off her collection of masks through the “What’s in My Bag?” Video. The makeup tycoon is annoyed that if she looks more “discreet”, she will wear a naked Kim Kardashian SKIMS mask. (YouTube consent)

Kylie handed over the “most important thing” in her purse after the introduction of the wallet pandemic: Her Kylie Skin is sprayed with a hand sanitizer (it hasn’t been released yet). Kylie has revealed even more unreleased goodies, such as her Kylie Skin chips and plump lip gloss, which will only be released during Ulta’s October.

Of course, Kylie’s Birkin was endowed with essential beauty. Among the couple’s highlights were her Kendall blotting powder, available at Kylie Cosmetics – which she called “best friend” because they’re “hot as f-k” at the moment – and “favorite perfume of all time” that was her collaboration on scents. with sister Kim Kardashian beauty brand KKW Beauty. Kylie was delighted to point out that her perfume had won the Scent of the Year, according to The Fragrance Foundation Awards!

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner showed off her “little friend” stuffed with a pea pod from Jellycat. (YouTube consent)

Some of the more whimsical items in Kylie’s bag were Jellycat-stuffed toys, “Fresh Vegetable Peas,” which she fondly called a “little friend,” a pack of Uno cards (Kylie loves to play, she revealed), and a pink camera. Kendall Jenner donated by Kylie on the occasion of her 23rd sister on August 23rd. Kylie uses a cute camera to document even the smallest adventures of her daughter, Stormi Webster, 2, she shared.

Kylie Jenner’s original video for What’s In My Bag, shared in 2018. August. Kylie has been here for 21 years!

Even after that, there was still a list of laundry items more surprises Kylie in the bag – you can find out what they were like by watching the video above! Kylie loves to fold her luxury collections, like when she recently posted a video made in her garage protected vehicles like its blue Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV and the lighter blue Rolls Royce Wraith. Kardashian backwardness may end in 2021, but we hope Kylie keeps her up to date with her luxury lifestyle videos on YouTube and Instagram stories!

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