Kim Kardashian “We’ll Consider All Possibilities” for the future with Kanye West after the last Twitter storm: “She loves him”


Kim Kardashian has told Kanye West that she wants “what’s best for her,” given his recent Twitter outbreaks. The source spills exclusively into HollywoodLife.

Kim KardashianThe 39-year-old is “worried” about the man Kanye West, 43, after his recent Twitter storms. “[Kim] tries to be as strong as possible, but is worried about it, so it just feels so stuck, ”says the source. HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “As for the future, she’s still considering all the options, but she doesn’t want to leave Kanye at a time when he’s struggling,” he added. Kim and Kanye got married in 2014. And share four children together: North, 7, Saint, 4, Chicago, 2 and Psalm, 1.

“Of course, every thought made her think about what to do, because it’s a lot for a person. She tells everyone that Kanye is her soul mate and she really loves him more than anything. The whole situation is sad, “the source told HL. Despite the hard time, Kim is surrounded by her friends and family, including her mother Kris Jenner, 64. “Kim currently receives a lot of support from her friends and family, while keeping the matter as private as possible and choosing who it is open to,” the insider explained.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are featured during Paris Fashion Week. (SplashNews)

“Kim and Chris both told Kanye that they just wanted what was best for him,” they added. “Kris is always trying to fix problems and help people, so she’s really having trouble with what’s going on because she can’t help.” In one of her July shouts, Kanye called Chris directly on twitter, sharing a screenshot of the message she allegedly sent to her mother-in-law. “It’s you … you’re ready to talk now … or you’re still avoiding my calls,” the published text reads.

More recently, the Yeezy designer returned to Twitter with lots of posts about his record company and Taylor Swift, 30. The rapper offered to help Red singer get her masters back more than a year after her drama with the former head of the record company Scottas Borchetta and manager Braun scooter. “It’s a call for all artists to come together … I’ll get my masters, I’ve got the most powerful music lawyer and I can afford them, but every artist needs to be liberated and treated fairly,” Kanye wrote on Twitter on Sunday, September 20th.

Between the dramas, Kim remained as active as ever: the star just threw her first SKIMS maternity line a week ago, as well as KKW Beauty’s collaboration with a childhood best friend Allison Statter. “It’s hard, but Kim is as busy with the work and the kids as possible. She’s not the one who could ever sit down and think about what’s going on, “the source told HL.

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