Khloe Kardashian silences a photo of a leaked bikini and shows off her unedited body in a new video


After Khloe Kardashian took legal action against those who shared her unedited photo on social media, she issued a lengthy statement.

After encountering a negative reaction for legal action against the seemingly unedited bikini photo sharing on social networks, Khloe Kardashian broke her silence. On Wednesday, April 7, a 36-year-old woman broadcast live on Instagram as she slowly took off her T-shirt to show fans her unedited body and then re-posted the clip with a long statement. “It’s me and my body that are unretouched and unfiltered. The photo posted this week was beautiful, ”she began, referring to the photo of the leopard bikini in question.

Khloe referred to a photo of a leopard bikini that was taken by the KarJenner clan Easter getaway in Palm Springs. The image in question was inadvertently shared online without any retouching. “When someone takes a picture of you who isn’t flattering in low light, or doesn’t capture your body as it is, working so hard to reach that point … you should have every right to ask for it not to be shared – no matter what you are, ”she wrote.

Not only did the Kardashian PR team take too fast, but their lawyers demanded images for copyright, causing people to be locked in their social media accounts. One user, @KosmeticKrys Announces received emails on Twitter screenshots of letters quoting Khloe’s grandmother, Mary Jo MJ Shannon as the copyright holder of the photo. Khloe went on to examine “lifelong pressure” and “constant mockery and judgment” to “be perfect” and “meet the standards” as others believe she should “look” – specifically in past comments that she is a “Stora sister”. And is not like the sisters Kim, 40 and Kourtney, 41.

“I’m not perfect, but I promise you that every day I try to live as honestly as possible with empathy and goodwill. That doesn’t mean I haven’t made mistakes … it’s almost unbearable trying to meet the impossible standards that society as a whole has set for me, “she wrote. “She’s never used to being seen and pulled out,” she added, admitting to loving “a good filter, good lighting and editing here and there.”

“My body, my image and how I choose to look and what I want to share is my choice,” Khloe reasoned. “No one needs to decide whether to decide what is acceptable or not … for those who feel the constant pressure not to feel perfect enough, I want you to see and understand you now,” she told her millions of people. followers.

Earlier that day, Twitter was fueled by Khloe’s view of the situation – particularly when a lawyer removed a photo from social media accounts on fan sites. “This whole situation is really sad and deplorable,” the user later tweeted. “Everything the Grammy did was post a picture of his grandfather by the pool.” Tracy Romulus, KKW Brands’ Chief Marketing Officer, also issued a statement. “The color edited photo was taken by Khloé during a private family gathering and was mistakenly posted by an assistant,” she said. Sixth page. “Khloé looks beautiful, but the copyright owner has the right not to want the image, which is not intended for publication, to be removed.” In the photo, Khloe, standing in front of the pool, wore a leopard print bikini with her mother. Kris JennerPalm Springs property. The mother of one child looked incredibly in two parts, with tight bellies and an impeccable hourglass figure.

Of course, her skin looked all-natural, not the photoshoot or brush-covered skin that makes her the most looks unnaturally smooth and flawless. Khloe recently commented its changing appearance, or for a photo shop, or for cosmetic procedures that have appeared in the headlines in the last few months.

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When the fan on March 16. TikTok spoils tabloid media behavior with Good American founder in video, Khloe takes Instagram, writing, “I don’t want anyone to kiss me in the ass. I’m not asking for that. But I ask people to understand what such articles do to someone’s soul and trust. I am very grateful and grateful to those who stand up to bullying or people who write stories just for the click. Defending someone, especially when we don’t know each other, makes me happy. I am such a person. I like to defend what is right, “he added.” Thank you all for your kind comments. “

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