Kanye West Pees on Grammy Award (music not broadcast that way)


Kanye West declared himself to be “New moses” jo the latest unscathed fuss.

Unfortunately, he goes even further … by posting a video that seems to be peeing for his Grammy Award.

We’re not saying Kanye has gone to the deepest end. That ship sailed a long time ago.

However, he has improved his game, from making false statements at rallies, interviews and Twitter to posting high-profile videos.

This time he put his Grammy Award in the toilet .. and shows his contempt very clearly.

Kanye West grammy video still (trimmed)

To see the video for yourself, you will need to reach the end of this article.

In the meantime, we can offer you some horror glances.

From the image cropped above to the selection of Ye’s tweets below, Kanye works for attention – and he gets it.

Kanye West on Twitter, including Grammy Award (cropped)

It’s all about his crusade of free fellow artists from “slavery” to their musical contracts with huge corporations.

We are now inclined to accept that many artists are trapped in exploitative contracts that seemed favorable when they were young and naive and first signed.

The “slavery” analogy is seldom, if ever, appropriate for those who are paid real money for their work and are not forced to work.

Kanye goes even further by claiming to be the “new Moses,” referring to the figure of the liberation narrative in the Torah.

We understand that his non-medical bipolar disorder can include symptoms such as a feeling of euphoria, bloated ego, and a lack of impulse control – so tweeted without a filter.

But comparing yourself to any religious person, whether human, divine, historical or literary, is almost always a mistake … and often a red flag for mental health.

But it’s pale next to the posting video where he seems to pee. (We are technically unable to detect the fluid being streamed in the video)

There are a lot of people who post videos about urination every day. Many of them are sex workers, doing so for a living.

Kanye does this as a show of contempt and a hopeless (and successful) offer of attention. It’s a little gross. It’s also very strange.

We should also note that the Kanye video contains … other voices. A few other voices you would hear in the lobby outside the auditorium.

We now know that Kanye and Kim live in a colorless emptiness, so perhaps the sound conveys farther than it would be in a home with a more real decor.

But it really sounds like Kanye was recording this amateur water sports video just a few meters from where the conversation is being held by several people, perhaps women.

We know that Kanye feels able to occupy the world now, as if he urgently needs to save and change the world.

He feels this way because he is not being treated enough for his mental illness.

We promise that he, like many other bipolar Americans, could continue to pursue his passions if he were given medication – and he could be more effective when he was no longer so obviously ill.

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