Kailyn Lowry tells everyone


Fur Lowry has a clear message for hate listeners.

And skeptics.

And critics, and anyone trying to overthrow it these days.

The message is roughly as follows:

Close the effect. Or throw away my life!

On the latest Coffee Convos Podcast, Lowry, along with presenter Lindsie Chrisley, said she was often asked how she struggles with “toxicity,” whether it’s from family members or others in her orbit.

“I just … I’ve gotten to the point where I’m gone – whether it’s my mom, my girlfriend, or my distant cousin, I really don’t give a sh,” she replied.

Does Furry have anything specific here?

It’s hard to say – when it’s almost always in some beef with something there.

At the moment both Jenelle Evans and Chris Lopez wolf their frequent nemesis is quite severe.

In the latest episodes of Teen Mom 2 Lowry clashed with his firstborn father Jo Rivera through their son Isaac.

“Just cut them down and cut your losses and keep moving forward,” Kailyn continued in her podcast, speaking out against all the bad influences in her life.

Lindsie added with a friend, “Life is just too short.”

Kailyn recently shared the same podcast that she also “does not give f – k ”about Evans after a shameful former MTV personality overwhelmed a mother of four for being a “difficult” single parent, among her original disagreements with Lopez over her son Lux’s hair.

(Chris, unknowingly, cut off the locks of a three-year-old child without first consulting Kailyn. And that caused a storm.)

“It’s really sad to see a mother being heavy and holding a child away from her father with her parents,” Jenelle said, fully appreciating Lowry’s treatment of Lopez, adding:

“You can hate the other father whatever you want, but they won’t go away the way you want, so badly. #SorryNotSorry.

“So please everyone .. just communicate peacefully with your parents because no matter how angry you are with your father … no one will ever stop them from attending the courts #Truth.”

Kail and Jenelle 2

Jenelle, of course, knows nothing about parenting.

But she knows all about compliance violent man and endangers her children.

In response to Jenelle, Kailyn posted in her Instagram stories:

– I do not even regret how I will start playing, I was too long.

She also shared this mysterious quote from the quote: “You don’t need to re-establish a relationship with everyone you’ve forgiven.”

Lowry, who says she’s finished with all the BS, beat Lopez like a “narcissus” after he gave Lux a hairstyle.

In response, the father of Kailynas’ youngest two sons fired:

“If I [want] cut the son’s hair, I will be sure with all. I wanted to cut my son’s hair, so the fact that I cut off some of his edges, she should be happy I didn’t make her scalp, okay?

“It’s my son, so if I decide to make a decision about my son or anyone else, I can. I can.”

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