Kailyn Lowry: His Rivera mom embarrassed me for attending a funeral!


As has been very well documented for several months now, Kailyn Lowry has a lot of problems with her third baby dad.

Teen Mom 2 has a couple of kids Chris Lopez – and many more problems than with her sometimes lover.

In the last series of this MTV reality series, Lowry clashed not with his latest baby dad. But with her first.

One week later clashed with Jo Rivera for Isaac, the son of the former couple, not wanting to see His mother, Cain went to her this Tuesday night with Rivera herself.

This time the feud was caused by Lowry, who was attending a funeral in Texas after losing his grandmother and sister’s mother the same week.

It was a “rough period,” Kailyn said on the air.

And he was even rougher because “going to the funeral caused a great struggle with Him,” she explained.

The mother of four delved into these disappointments by talking to her friend Kristen and detailing how next girlfriend Rachel watched her son as she visited the service in Texas.

“It simply came to our notice then. When I left the funeral, he wrote me horrible things, like not leaving Isaac to anyone but the blood family, ”Kailyn said.

“And I was like,‘ In a word, I don’t have a blood family. “I don’t have a mom, I don’t have a dad, I don’t have these people, so you think?”

Hearing Lowry’s story, His response was cruel and insensitive.

“He never asked me who died and asked me if I cared about my children,” she told Rachel, adding:

“I said I was leaving the funeral. I couldn’t stop crying. “

The reality star then read aloud a text message she said she received from her Rivera, with whom she shared 10-year-old son Isaac.

“It simply came to our notice then. And I’m sorry about that, “she said, quoting His words over the phone.

He, according to Kailynas, even continued, apparently, in this way, trying to solve the problems of the former:

“Given our history, I want to make sure I can trust you again, so I’m checking your actions.

– I hope you and me have a better day today.

Why he doesn’t trust her, Kailyn demanded to know?!?

“Maybe we can really talk about trust. I made a mistake, I didn’t tell you exactly how I feel, and I allow that to be reflected in my actions,” replied Jo, who led Lowry’s defensive response.

And aggressive.

“I do what I have to do. I take care of Isaac,” she quoted.

“I pay for his health insurance. I assign all his appointments. Make sure he has everything he needs.”

Lowry then referred to the argument in the last episode that Isaac did not want to see his father as a possible motivation for Rivera’s position here.

“I don’t know if he’s starting to feel Isaac’s rejection because Isaac doesn’t want to go there,” she theorized to her friend.

When this unpleasant problem arose last week, Fur did not throw it at His son. In fact, on the contrary, saying to a child:

“You are so lucky because some parents who are divorced and have a child or more than one child do not always have one parent nearby.

– You are very lucky that your dad wants to be there and spend time with you.

Lowry, of course, is also the mother to Lincolt (6) with ex-husband Javi Marroquin; and sons Luksas, 3 m. and a one-month Creed with former Lopez, with whom she also plays.

She says she is ready to have a fifth child.

But we think it’s a bad idea.

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