Justino Duggaro Matchmaking: Did He Ever Even Meet His New Girlfriend ?!


Earlier this week Duggars hinted that a matchmaking report would be published in the upcoming Episode of Counting On.

The news caused a stir in the fandom community, largely because the family had never done anything like it before.

Reports of court are quite common now that most of the 19 children in the family are married (for ducks, it starts in adolescence).

However, usually the act of declaring a relationship is left to the couple.

Never before has the process been so stretched.

Never before has a relationship been used as a ranking trick to attract a larger audience to a sick family reality series.

The situation assures rumors that the Duggars are facing a recall and will do their best to avoid this shame.

It is even more sad and strange that the main players in this subject are children.

Yes, Justin Duggar is only 17 years old and it looks like he will be the one to announce the matchmaking this Tuesday.

Obviously, there’s nothing strange about 17-year-old dates, but as Duggars so often reminds us, matchmaking is something more than dating.

It’s “dating with purpose” – and it’s marriage, and then it’s crazy breeding.

So a lot of people need to assume before they are old enough to vote.

We’re sure Justin feels like he’s made such an important decision and announced it on national television, because the 17-year-old is going to get over your head and risk a big, stupid risk.

The child’s parents should talk to him in situations like this, but it’s clear that Jim Bob is sniffing the ratings, which means that in very strange circumstances, the Counting On community is preparing to introduce a new Duggar.

Yes, Justin doesn’t usually show up on the show, a fact his brothers and sisters noticed when watching another week’s episode revealed that he would join the rest of the family to hold such a socially remote video conference.

“We’ll have another family video chat,” Michelle said.

When Jim Bob revealed that Justin would be sitting at the invitation, the news was met with great confusion.

“Justin joined the video chat. We were like, ‘Oh, okay,'” Jess’s husband, Ben Seewald, said.

Knowing that the family was annoyed by the news of the matchmaking, most Duggar fans probably understood what was expected at the time.

But in case it wasn’t clear, Justin stopped making it official:

“Well, I actually have some news for the family,” he said.

It looks like it will be difficult to get more information until next week.

Because this matchmaking (allegedly) took place remotely due to the coronavirus, it was easy for the family to keep it in the pack, which means we know nothing about the identity of Justin’s love passion.

It also means that there is a good chance that Justin never even was met a girl she is likely to be engaged to before the end of the year.

As for the rumors that the situation was mostly constructed by his ruling parents – well, they seem more reliable every day.

Not surprisingly, Jim Bob demanded that this situation be shown on Counting On – it’s weird even by Duggar standards!

We hope the manufacturers will hide the phone number of a good therapist for this child before packing the season.

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