Justin Bieber reunites rapper for Holy performance in SNL report – watch


Just 8 months after his last performance, Justin Bieber returned to the SNL stage at Studio 8H for 2 inspiring performances!

Justin Bieber, 26, just added another star Saturday night live a show for his resume! As always, Bieb demonstrated his incredible range of voices as he covered the lyrics on the Christian theme “Holy” with a close friend and co-worker. Chances are a rapper, 27. Justin opened the play with a wonderful rustic collection inspired by an outdoor chapel. Applying the theme of the melody, an illuminated cross illuminated the stage and hung on Justin’s head.

“I’m not lucky with the drama / I can’t stand it being fake,” he wriggled, wrapping up a gray hat with a hat, a white T-shirt and black pants. He finished the outfit with sneakers. Justin looked so relaxed SNL on stage (he is currently an old professional) as he introduced Chance to the scene to join him. The chemistry of the couple on stage was plentiful and they seemed to have so much fun performing.

Canadian-born superstar announces new Lonely Benny White on Tuesday, October 13, via Instagram – and performed the single as the second song of his night. Instead of appearing on stage, he followed the image of his music video clip Jacob Tremblay, 14, as a young Justin sitting alone by the mirror. A deeply personal piece chronicles Justin’s struggles with glory from an early age. “And if you had everything
But don’t call anyone? / Maybe then you would know me / Because I had everything / But no one listens / And it’s just f— lonely, ”he sings on the track.

This is not the first time Justin has collaborated with Benny: the couple also worked with the 2015 hit “Love Yourself”. Benny also shared a lovely commercial for the song, posting a photo of Justin and his longtime tour manager Ryan Good (36). “A couple of lonely guys and a puppy,” the 32-year-old wrote in his headline. On Wednesday, October 14, Benny revealed to an asking fan that the cute dog actually belonged to Braun scooterbuisness partner Allison Kaye!

Justin also recently released Holy with Chance the Repper, a longtime friend. Copying a song The beginning of a “new era” of a song is rooted in Justin’s Christian faith. “You are holy, holy, holy, holy, I love you very much / When you hold me, hold me, hold me / I feel so holy,” he shouts in a track that seems to have been inspired by his relationship with his wife. Hailey Baldwin, 23. After the release, his manager, Scooter, was also annoyed that “there’s still a lot to look forward to, you can’t imagine,” keeping Beliebers on the edge of his seats.

Back in February, Justina performed SNL with two tracks from his album Changes: Yummy and Intensions. He showed his sets simple when he demonstrated iconic dance moves! Quavo also joined him for the line “Intentions,” which took the performance to a whole new level. The star was scheduled to hit the road this summer Changes round, but the dates were suspended due to COVID-19.

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