Jorge Nava up to 90 days of fiance fans: I’ll be daddy!


Just a few weeks after leaving prison, 90-day fiancé alum Jorge Nava introduced the fans to a new hot girl.

Clearly, everything became serious, according to a message Jorge posted the day before Thanksgiving.

“Thank you for all my blessings,” Jorge wrote on Instagram on Wednesday, November 25th.

He followed these words with a sense of red heart.

But all eyes were on the image Jorge shared with his fans and followers:

Jorge Nava Ultrasound 2020  November 25

Wives, I’m not a midwifery radiologist in a big city, but it looks like an ultrasound.

In fact, it seems to be an image of a very distant fruit with recognizable traits even to those of us who are not familiar with such things.

Jorge seems to be announcing that he is now a father.

There were many jokes about the dramatic transformation of Jorge’s body when he was released from prison back in May.

Some even quoted Kylie Jenner’s memo – “and the other thing I knew was I was pregnant.”

Well, getting pregnant takes a little more than looking at photos, but Jorge seems to have done the act, unless he amuses us all for fun.

Almost nothing is known about the mysterious Jorge girl.

For many reasons, fans naturally assume she’s soon to be a baby’s mom.

It’s weird to know what someone’s butt looks like on the calves, and not to know their name. Well, not in the context of a college party.

For the past few months, Jorge has been hiding most of his mysterious tip face from fans.

Assuming the two meet non-stop and are still together, they have been together for five months and are left with just a couple of weeks after the half-year anniversary.

We don’t have to know the name or occupation of this mysterious woman to be happy for her and Jorge.

Some have noticed that from our point of view it resembles Anfisa Arkhipchenko, a former Jorge.

It looks tiny, very beautiful, with – if you will forgive us so to speak – a very cute apple-shaped back.

Hopefully the similarities will end there.

We all remember Anfisa trying to hit Jorge – it’s not suspicion; millions of viewers saw it on camera.

There is no justification for any form of domestic violence for any reason.

The end of their poisonous marriage had to come much, much earlier.

Jorge Nava IG new girl jokes

Naturally, almost Jorge’s message (though again, he didn’t say much) was met with joy and congratulations.

Of course, some fans couldn’t resist the jokes about clickbait ultrasounds that were posted in the past.

Some 90-day fiancé stars post links to 90-day fiancé news, even if it’s not about them. Some people refuse to click and read what they are talking about, make assumptions and get lost. Nothing can really be done for them: go to their home and click on the link for them.

Congratulations to Jorge and Mystery Woman … probably.

We are forced to make many assumptions because Jorge did not present his oral report, only expressed his general gratitude.

So having said that, we will be waiting for confirmation of this news and hopefully a bouquet of useful information. Happy Thanksgiving, Jorge!

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