Jorge Nava congratulates the first child with a friend !!


2020 At the end of November 90-day fiancé alum Jorge Nava had a happy message.

He and his girlfriend were expecting a firstborn.

Fans were endlessly happy with the news and were happy to follow Jorge’s journey long after his time on the show.

Now Jorge has taken over the paternity mantle.

In the early afternoon of Wednesday, April 7, Jorge Nava went to Instagram.

He was supposed to give an amazing and helpful message.

Together, he and his girlfriend greeted the firstborn.

Jorge Nava IG birth report 2021  April 7

“There is no love that matches what I have for my family,” Jorge slammed.

He loved, “I love them more than anyone in this world.”

That was all – no name, no measurements. Just love.

Paola Mayfield took comments to give Jorge, a former teammate, some fame.

“Congratulations,” she wrote. “The best feeling in the world! Lots of blessings to you, small family.”

Russ exclaimed to his family, “Congratulations.”

Legendary 90-day fiancé fan favorite David Toborowsky also offered accolades on his own behalf and on Annie’s behalf.

“Congratulations Jorge, we are very happy to see you in such a wonderful place in your life,” he wrote.

David continued, “I am very proud and wish you and your family the best of health and happiness.”

John Yates, one of the first people Jorge spoke to after his release from prison, also commented.

“Congratulations, Jorge,” he said 90-day fiancé wrote a blogger.

All of these comments spilled out early Wednesday afternoon, when people were still learning about this good news.

Jorge Nava and John Yates ROI live stream

Jorge’s last relationship was extremely public.

He and Anfisa Arkhipchenko aired a couple of TV airs on their K-1 trip with all the peripetias.

That’s not the end of their TV reality time.

After playing season 4 90-day fiancé, they continued to play for two seasons Happily ever after?

Jorge and Anfisa had dramatic ups and downs in seasons 2 and 3, sometimes seeming to be over.

But they stayed together … and it wasn’t because of separation or lack of drama that their reality careers ended.

This Russus and Paola explained who Jorge and Anfisa were no longer their friends.

90-day fiancé pays of course small sums to new stars.

However, these benefits may increase for returning participants.

According to Russo and Pao, Anfisa and Jorge asked for more.

Russ described that they wanted Kardashian-level payments to continue for another season.

They was appearing in a massively successful franchise and underpaid. When they were told no, they walked.

Jorge and Anfisa divorced when Jorge was wrongly imprisoned in Arizona.

(Not falsely imprisoned, but wrong – a permanent ban on marijuana violates millions of fundamental human rights)

In fact, Jorge found out online when Anfisa moved in with a new husband. Oops.

With all of this in mind, it’s very easy to see why Jorge is so cautious about what he’s sharing these days.

We don’t really know the date of birth of this little Nava or anything else.

As a result, we still don’t know his girlfriend’s name. It’s probably the clearest photo of her face we’ve seen.

Congratulations to Jorge, his girlfriend and their precious baby.

Do we want more information, selfishly? Of course.

But we can fully respect Jorge, who crosses that line between being a public figure and an open book.

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