Jill Duggar: I don’t care what Jim Bob says! I will continue to drink!


Last week, Jill Duggar drank pina colada during a date with her husband Derick Dillard.

She didn’t knock out the waiter and didn’t get DUI, and as far as we know, she called it the night after just one cocktail.

Nevertheless, Jill’s Instagram followers were shocked by her terrible forgiveness.

The reason for their reaction is that Jill’s family is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol.

So Jill’s decision is not only to absorb, but to announce evidence during her night on Instagram, there was a shocking rebellion against her parents who had ruled significantly.

To the shock of many Duggar fans – and to the regret of many – Jill later did not explain that the drink in question was as much a girl as an unsolicited fundamentalist.

In fact, it doubled to trample those who criticized it one to drink overnight with her husband.

Jill is now taking the dispute more seriously in-depth interview in which she admits that the rest of her family is still strongly opposed to drunkenness – and makes it clear that she doesn’t really give anything they think.

“We have boundaries,” Jill tells People magazine.

“We believe that we should not get drunk. So when we drink, we’re not going to go crazy. It’s more social here and there, whether at home, for a date or something. “She adds.”

“Our children are pretty young right now, but I think it’s good for them to see a healthy balance.”

Jill admits that her decision to absorb can lead to discussions in her family:

“The whole idea of ​​drinking wasn’t encouraged as I grew up,” Jill says.

“I know my parents wouldn’t be happy with that, and I know my brothers and sisters, some more than others, would probably have problems.

“Others would probably be like,‘ Whatever benefits everyone, all is well. Live your life. “So far no one has told us anything about it.”

Believe it or not, Jill has received a lot of criticism when it first turned out that she sometimes enjoys adult drinks in social situations.

“She has a platform she uses every day to talk about Jesus, and it can make others think she’s fine when you go drinking and you’re still a Christian,” one follower commented.

“So disappointed … you know deeply that God doesn’t want that,” added another.

– Then tomorrow you will turn around and talk about God!

Jill shrugged criticism out of sight, but humorously acknowledged this with her caption for the picture above:

“Morning coffee date with my husband @derickdillard (and Sam also notes),” she wrote

“Oh, and since you all seem to be interested in a recently chosen drink (a recently posted entry) … yes, it was REGULAR coffee (i.e. a full cafe) of white chocolate mocha with coconut milk,” Jill added.

Those who have watched Jill’s story over the past few years shouldn’t be overly shocked that they don’t worry too much about their parents ’disapproval of alcohol.

For beginners, Derick Dillard played with Jim Bob Duggar several months, and allegedly the situation became so bad that the two families no longer spoke.

What’s more, Derick recorded, believing that drinking in moderation is not a sinful activity by nature.

“We don’t believe the Bible teaches that drinking is a sin,” Derick once told a fan who asked about his approach to alcohol.

“But he warns / condemns other aspects of alcohol.”

In an interview with people, Jill made it clear that her decision to start drinking was not taken lightly and she has not had any negative consequences so far:

“I think we’ve grown a lot as a couple, and I’m good that people aren’t dealing with it,” she tells the magazine.

“Sometimes that’s a good thing. I’m very happy with people, so I didn’t do anything because I was afraid of what other people would think. Or I kept quiet my opinion because I don’t want to worry about conflicts,” he adds.

“On the journey we went through as a couple, we are better off having boundaries and our own family life,” continues the mother of two, clearly referring to her disagreement with her parents.

“We’re all right when we let people see more of our lives and their travels. Just being in a healthier place and understanding it’s good to be transparent. It was really good.”

As for the criticism of her family, which was so widely expected by the fans, it seems to have not yet materialized:

“So far, no one has told us anything about it,” Jill People says.

Let’s hope it stays that way.

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