Javi Marroquin deletes Instagram after being shot down by Lauren Comeau


Well, we’d like to say we haven’t seen this mile.

We would like to say that we were completely shocked by this message Javi Marroquin tried to have sex with Kailyn Lowry a self-service store in the parking lot, despite the fact that he was engaged to Lauren Comeau.

Unfortunately, we can’t say those things because Javi is a born cheater – and while Lauren might have believed him when he said his unfaithful days behind him, most of us never did.

Javi and Lauren no longer show up on Teen Mom 2, so when it comes to the drama in their relationship, we have to rely on two sources – Kail and social media.

Fortunately, they both paint a very vivid picture of recent events.

When Lauren threw Javi for cheating on her, it came as no surprise.

For starters, it was her first time he cheated on her.

That was the event in which Javi was struck by a scar in the bath his and Lauren’s house while his wife slept upstairs.

In addition to this precedent, Lauren hinted that she would take such a step with memos about the movement and the opening of a “new chapter” in her life.

For his part, Javi opened up about the situation, not really talking about it all.

It started from blasting both Kail and MTV for the fact that you continued to talk about it on the show.

“I will return to my business, my family life and the absolute best dad I can be,” Marroquin then wrote.

“But let it be the last time my name or someone on my family name will be mentioned on any subscribed network. Show. Tweet. Snap. MySpace, whatever.”

Yes, the man even followed MySpace – he was obviously very upset.

The next time we saw Javi, he was much muffled.

Now he was trying to set up a virtual prayer group to help fight his loneliness.

He told fans he hoped to get his life back “in the right direction so that I could fix myself and figure out all these problems.”

He stated that he planned to “really dive into my faith” and find out what “God has for me.”

His eyes lighten the chick with tears, Marroquin told fans:

“I’m lonely myself, so I was hoping someone was going through financial problems, relationship problems, some family problems and you just need someone to pray with, I kind of wanted to open those doors.”

But we think the band didn’t turn out the way they expected, as Javi has now completely deleted his Instagram page.

He did so without warning, and fans see it as a sign that the teenage mother of the teenage mother is very concerned about her relationship with Lauren.

The last time he left, Lauren moved to live in Massachusetts with her parents.

Javi posted an open letter to her on Instagram, and he managed to convince her to give her a second chance.

His social network records last week seemed to be part of an effort to manage the situation and get Lauren back for the second time.

And fans see the disappearance of his account as a sign that Javi has given up and agreed that this time it’s really over.

Maybe there’s a simpler explanation – Lauren demanded it be deleted, or Javi is simply tired of the fan harassment.

In any case, this does not look good for the future of their relationship.

It seems more and more like this time Javi and Lauren are really coming to an end forever.

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