Fortune Feimster expresses concern over the future of same-sex marriage and prompted it to start early on Wednesday


Forteim Feimster surprised fans this weekend by revealing that she and longtime girlfriend Jacquelyn Smith tied the knot.

An actor and comedian whose credits include “Mindy project“And”L word: Q generation“Smith was married on Friday in Malibu, California. The ceremony was attended by the rescue of the couple in Pomerania, Biggiewhich served as a ring bearer along with a handful of guests. It was broadcast live on Zoom to members of both the Feimster and Smith families in North Carolina and Michigan, respectively.

“We purposefully considered him small for the reasons why he was a pandemic, “Feimster interviews told People announced Sunday. “I think it was even more special for us and our friends because 2020 was so overshadowed by so many people’s losses, hardships and anxieties. It was just a beautiful, special, happy day when one day you didn’t think about it, everything else was going on. “

The two women began meeting in 2015, just one day after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage across the country and got engaged three years later.

In June, Feimster wrote on Instagram that the couple was planning a bigger wedding ceremony just before the coronavirus pandemic was announced in March.

She and Smith decided to move forward with their wedding because they were again worried about the future of marital equality. The Republican-controlled Senate on Monday expected to be confirmed Candidate for President Donald Trump Amy Coney Barrett To the Supreme Court, establishing a Conservative majority in the Supreme Court.

Although recent polls shows that same-sex marriage is widely supported by Americans, and that many human rights defenders fear that Barrett’s appointment will ensure marital equality alongside other LGBTQ rights, in danger.

“The fact that our hard-earned right to marry may now be jeopardized is disastrous,” Feimster said. by Instagram earlier this month. “We will find out until those rights are gone. … It is wrong to continue the fight for this equal right. ”

While expecting marriage equality to be “here to stay,” Feimster told People that she and Smith chose to be “proactive”.

“You just don’t know what will happen when the wave changes so drastically with the Supreme Court.” She said. “You expect them to listen to the country. I mean, most people support marital equality. You want it to be the voice that guides them in making a decision, but you just don’t know. ”

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