Fantasy Football Purchase – Low, Sale – Stock Watch: DJ Khark, Josh Allen on the Moving Week


It is never too early to adjust your fantasy football roster. You don’t have to do anything drastic, like giving up the third round option or making a huge trade, but the smart owners build winning teams by refining the boundaries and focusing on trends that could lead to future value. So constantly looking for your list (and other lists) for low and low procurement candidates is a must (and well distracted when you should be working). If you really are to have to work when you should be working, Fantasy Pros professional Mike Tagliere can help you draw up a list of your potential trading candidates for 2 weeks.

Since many owners are reluctant to take the start of this season, the list below does not necessarily imply an immediate response; rather, it is a guide to statistics and trends worth following with the players mentioned below. If Darren Waller has another targeted, mid-level game, that’s actually a positive thing if you’re thinking about acquiring it in the future. If Chris Carson sees limited carryouts again, that’s all the more worrying for him, even if he scores goals again. You understand the idea.

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The values ​​of fantasy football can change quickly, so don’t get married for the purpose of trading. Change your mindset as trends change, but don’t be afraid to strike if you have a good offer on the table. – Matt Lutovsky

Fantasy Football Stock Tracking: Low Purchase Candidates

DJ Chark (WR – JAC)

How many games do you think Jaguars will win this year? I realized it was a small number. Take advantage of the fact that Jacksonville just won the game and threw 20 times. I guess they won’t try less than 30 passes for the rest of the season. Don’t let Chark’s three-target game scare you. Buy until its costs are curbed.

Darren Waller (TE – LV)

It didn’t have a huge 1 week, but one thing we were excited about (targets) was absolutely great. In the game, he saw huge eight targets. Derek Carras threw the ball only 30 times, which is a benefit for 26.7 percent. The target part. This is a better part than most top wide receivers. Strictly you chase the targets and Waller will get more than most. It should be considered the best TE.

Zackas Mossas (RB – BUF)

For 1 week, Moss didn’t have a very productive game, so you might be able to buy it cheaply. Sure, it got a touch, but not because you buy it. In the first NFL game, he scored a total of 12 times, compared to 14 Devino Singletary games. Knowing that Moss is expected to score goals, he may actually have more value than Singletary.

Parrisas Campbellas (WR – IND)

We knew Campbell would play a bigger role in this attack, and it was already clear in the first match that he was the favorite of new defender Philip Rivers. Many forget that this staff chose the second round just a year ago, but was detained due to injuries to the rookie of the season. You should buy based on the fact that he had nine targets in the first game, which was the most tied for TY Hilton.

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Fantasy football stock watch: big candidates

Chris Carson (RB – SEA)

Carson’s total score in the first week looked fantastic, but it’s worth mentioning that Carlos Hyde abandoned him and scored the only hasty result for the Seahawks. Russell Wilson was never the one who applied his running back for a ton, so Week 1 was probably a terrible thing when it comes to Carson’s huge over-the-air production. It’s likely to still be a solid RB2, but someone may be willing to pay last year’s RB1 prices for it.

Josh Allen (QB – BUF)

We’ve already seen big Allen performances, but in fact, he released QB1-type numbers last year at just 43.8 percent. Your games. He delivers a solid floor every week because of his mobility, but someone will definitely appreciate his big Week 1 show and will be willing to overpay.

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Fantasy Football Stock Watch: Players to Keep

Hayden Hurst (TE – ATL)

Have you seen the Falcons box result since 1 week? Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley and Russell Gage each saw 12 targets, caught nine balls and finished with at least 114 yards. Hurst saw five targets, which isn’t scary, but you would buy it, given that Gage won’t see close to that target part moving forward. Those goals will be distributed a little more evenly in the middle as Matt Ryan and Hurst develop chemistry … at least we think they will.

Carson Wentz (QB – PHI)

It was a strange week for Eagle Injury, which faced a number of injuries throughout the week that most likely changed the entire game plan. Washington’s front seventh came under pressure, and Wentz paid the price. It will still be solid in QB1 this season, so don’t panic yet.

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