Esports Entertainment Group acquires Helix eSports and GGCircuit for $ 43 million


Esports Entertainment Group acquired Helix eSports and GGCircuit for $ 43 million to become sports and a betting powerhouse.

The publicly traded company collects a lot of sports-related items, but it does so using a unique method, combining games, tournaments and gambling. Other companies such as Vindex and GG Group It also invests heavily in esports, but none has accumulated as much assets as Esports Entertainment Group, CEO Grant Johnson said in an interview with GamesBeat. In addition, the betting side is likely to earn revenue to keep the company afloat while it waits for long-term profit growth from exports.

Finally, Esports Entertainment Group expects competitive games to become as big as traditional sports. That’s why Grant Johnson believes sports team owners like Robert Kraft, Mark Cuban, Jerry Jones and Harris Blitzer have all invested in sports. Institutional investors are bullish, so investors are pouring in billions of dollars a year to industry.

“Big, smart sports empires are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in sports. “Esports has become a major,” Johnson said. “Two years ago, if someone had said that sports tournaments would be televised, you would have had a very experienced eye. But it brought COVID. “

He claims that the new acquisitions will make the company the most diverse esports entertainment company. In making transactions, the company combines the company’s software business, an analysis platform, and a betting platform based on the skills of players and gamers. These companies will be merged with Esports Entertainment Group’s overseas gaming business to bet on competitive games.

With the acquisition of Helix eSports, Esports Entertainment is also opting for Helix Genji Analytics to generate esport data.

“We are acquiring three operating entities – GGCircuits, Helix eSports and Genji Analytics,” Johnson said. “It simply came to our notice then. This will give us several different revenue streams. We are the only sports gaming company licensed on the NASDAQ. “

Above: Grant Johnson is the CEO of Esports Entertainment Group.

Video Credit: Esports Entertainment Group

The publicly traded Esports Entertainment Group is headquartered in Malta. The company said it is increasing its recommendations for the 2022 financial year ended 2022. June 30, From $ 25 million in revenue to $ 42 million.

Esports Entertainment Group focuses on sports and players over the age of 18. It is licensed to operate online gambling worldwide under licenses in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta and Curacao. It offers fantasy and pool betting on esports at The company has about $ 9 million in the bank and a market value of about $ 57 million.

“Acquisitions provide us with technology platforms that can interact with what we do,” Johnson said. “We really have something for everyone to get involved and come back.”


Above: GGCircuit export data.

Video Credit: GGCircuit

Founded by Zack Johnson, GGCircuit is a business-to-business software company that provides a cloud-based game center, tournament platform and integrated point-of-sale solutions for business customers. This helps companies manage physical export locations.

It’s not such a great business at the moment when most of the country is closed. But GGCircuit and Esports Entertainment Group are looking forward to better times. GGCircuit has more than 1,000 connected locations and has worked with companies such as GameStop, Dell, Best Buy and Lenovo, as well as universities such as the State of Ohio, the University of Syracuse and the University of North Carolina.

The GGLeap product is used by more than two million unique players for more than 60 million hours on tens of thousands of public game screens in centers around the world.

Helix eSports

Above: Helix eSports operates esports entertainment centers.

Video Credit: Helix eSports

Helix eSports, based in Murphy Vandervelde, owns five esports entertainment centers. Two of them are among the five largest such facilities in the United States. Helix offers a variety of experiences, including casual play, competitive tournaments, STEM programming, high school leagues, large groups and esport bootcamps.

Helix’s Unity-based LANduel will provide secure and controllable player and player betting options. Helix centers are designed as goals for social and competitive players, with monthly tournaments and technologies that can level the playing field.

Helix also owns Genji Analytics, a sports-focused analytics provider for game publishers and other game publishers. Genji uses computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning tools to provide data for broadcasting and intelligence purposes.

Founded by William Collis, Genji works with leading sports publishers and sports leagues, such as FIFA and the NBA 2K League, to manage activities such as combinations, drafts and data-driven business solutions. Genji has also introduced products to Helix eSports centers, which create a customized tournament experience using both unused computing power and unique proprietary data sources.

Genji’s revenue streams include selling platforms to publishers and leagues with plans to expand all competitive players looking to improve their game through analysis, fair competition, and list optimization.

Above: Helix eSports is for local sports communities.

Video Credit: Helix eSports

LANduel is currently working on a pilot program in the New Jersey Gaming Department. If the model is approved at Helix eSports locations, LANduel could be expanded to other U.S. centers across the GGCircuit network and eventually to players’ homes through GGCircuit’s own suite of products at home.

Esports Entertainment Group has recently signed an agreement with AEG to become the official supplier of NHL Los Angeles Kings and MLS Los Angeles Galaxy esports tournaments.

“We think we’ll have that convergence of sports and traditional sports, and I think we’re pretty well prepared there,” Johnson said.

Esports Entertainment Group’s Esports Gaming League platform has 350,000 registered users. Esports Entertainment Group had more than 60 employees before the deal, and expects to add another 60 by the end of the year.

Over time, Johnson believes the sports gaming business will become the largest as the market develops in North America.

“It’s in the very early days,” he said. “We believe this deal will help us launch betting based on players ‘and players’ skills at esports entertainment centers.”

Skill-based betting is legal in 41 U.S. states because it is not considered illegal gambling.

“No one else will have this type of infrastructure,” Johnson said.

Speaking about the impact on physical sports, Johnson said: “Everything will eventually return to normal. What will be the new routine, we are not sure. However, currently most of our business is related to online sports. Even Helix’s physical export operations operate close to profit. “

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