Elections 2020: 3 Buzzworthy rated political books to read before going to the polls


If you’re looking for a good book to read before election night, “Deception,” “Anger,” and “Speaking for Yourself” are well worth your time. That’s why.

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This fall, bookstore shelves are moaning about weight D. Trump’s stories.

From former friends and current enemies of outsiders and former members of the administration, everyone seems to have a story, a book to sell, and (often) an ax to grind.

Donald Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Sarah Huckabee Sanders with Donald Trump. Sanders wrote a book about the time of her White House press secretary. (AP)

Many authors have become frequent guests of cable news programs. Donaldo Trumpo niece Mary (who wrote Too much and never enough) and his former lawyer Michael Cohen (author Unfaithful), for example, CNN viewers are no strangers.

Donald Short, Joe Biden
Donald Trump and Joe Biden are in the final leg of the battle to occupy the White House. (AP)

But there is competition for space between these books New York time The three best-selling lists stand out because of the different perspectives they offer – Deception, submitted by Brian Stelter, Anger, submitted by Bob Woodward and Speaking for myself, submitted by Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Here’s what you need to know about them:

Deception: Donald Trump, Fox News, and Dangerous Distortion of Truth

If you’ve read Brian Stelter’s book Top of the Morning: The World of Morning Television, you know CNN Reliable sources the anchor perfectly provides delicious information behind the scenes.

With Deception, he trades demolished NBC Today for a celebration of love between Trump and Fox News. And, until Sean Hannity With a president in an early election, the network’s assessment could be excellent, Stelter says, with dangerous consequences for journalism and democracy.

The author cites the rise of Fox from it Roger wings era to the present day, when, after the removal of the late CEO, Hannity (he argues) is king. And unbiased news (especially anything that criticizes Trump) is despised. Surprisingly, Stelter cites many Fox News employees who are horrified behind the scenes about what’s going on.

Brian Stelter’s book Deception examines the celebration of love between them. Donald Trump and Fox News. (Atria)

He writes that the network has become “conservative”, not “conspiratorial” and “patriotic”, not “propagandistic”, has become a “beating house announcement under the MAGA agenda”.

Speaking for ourselves: faith, freedom and the struggle for our lives inside Trump’s White House

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, D.Trumpo former White House spokesman, would ask to be different from Stelter’s chosen Fox News. In her book, she shines through the net.

Sanders ’narrative of time in the White House is also a predictable partisan. (She often attributes the term “liberal” to the words “crowd”, “media” and the “feminists” in her book.) But she also provides an impressive insight into what life is like in the White House at the most important moments of the first two years of Trump’s administration.

Much has been written about the president jokingly ordering Sanders to be taken “One for the team” then Kim Jong-unas blinked at her during the 2018 historic meeting of the two leaders. But it is clear that Ms Trump respected and valued her opinion, even asking Sanders to weigh her list of candidates for Supreme Court judges before she chose Brettas Kavanaughas The same year.

Speaking for myself
Sanders’ book “Speaking for Yourself” is her story of what Trump’s work at the White House was like. (Press of St. Martin)

After one fighting press release, Trump was very pleased with her performance and offered her her favorite Starburst candy, saying she could “have all the pink and red she wanted.” Sanders seems to accept such qualities. In her eyes, Trump’s abrasive nature is a force, and his Twitter diplomacy is fresh and direct. If you’re not a MAGA devotee, Sanders ’book is a useful guide to why his fans love him.


That D. Trump agreed to talk legendary journalist Bob Woodward record surprising. The fact that he has done this 17 times is unclear.

Ten months this deadly pandemic it is disappointing to read that even in 2020 February. the president knew COVID-19 was in the air. Describing this as an “awkward situation,” the man, who avoided wearing face masks, knew the virus was “passing through the air.” “It’s always harder than a touch. You don’t have to touch things. Or not? “The president told Woodward. “But the weather, you just breathe the air and that’s how it passes.”

Anger illuminates the light for others as well. Thanks to Woodward, the reader is a fly on the wall, surprising developments; seeing how public health officials like it Dr. Anthony Fauci take an alarm call for a COVID threat.

Bob Woodward’s book Rage contains 17 interviews with Donald Trump. (Simon and Schuster)

Ultimately, voters will decide whether Trump’s strategy to downplay the virus to avert the nation’s panic was right or wrong. Woodward’s book gives readers (and future historians) a chance to find out together what the president said to the public and what he said behind closed doors.

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