Duggar Courtship News: Is there a SECOND big report on the road?


The world found out earlier this week Justin Duggar fought with Claire Spivey.

The news came in the wake of nearly two weeks of excitement, during which the Duggars annoyed a big announcement to be made on an episode of their TLC reality show on Tuesday night.

Calculated on ratings years was declining, and it seemed to be exactly the trick the family needed to stay relevant.

But in the days before the big report, something unexpected happened.

For reasons beyond logic, Duggars decided to release the cat from the bag.

They first released a review clip in which Justin, who rarely appears on the show, joined a video conference with the rest of the family and revealed that he had “big news.”

As if the fans needed additional confirmation after that, Duggars introduced Claire to the world with a preview clip that debuted a few hours before Tuesday night’s much-tormented episode.

It kind of defeated the purpose of the big message.

Duggars are nothing but public relations experts, and here they have shortened the matchmaking announcement for many years.

Many fans have come to the conclusion that this does not make sense.

They realized there had to be something more – after all, Duggars didn’t attract viewers, teasing the big ad to just release the cat out of the bag before the episode even aired, right?

For some people, this theory has led to very specific desire thinking:

By the time Justin reported, they had hoped for that Jana Duggar would be the one to fumble.

30-year-old Jana is still lonelyand apparently some people find this very disturbing by the fact that Jimo Bob and Michelle’s eldest daughter is not dependent.

They were confident that Jana would be the subject of this week’s post.

Then, when the great revelation was suppressed, they began to reasonlessly.

According to rumor it made a circle on social media, Justin’s matchmaking wasn’t long-awaited big news, and Duggars actually had a second – and even bigger! – Delivery of matches on the road.

Most came to the conclusion that Jana had finally found Mr. Right, but a few got the impression that a message would be published, Lauren Caldwell matchmaking.

Lauren is the sister of Joseph’s wife, Kendra Caldwell, and rumors link her to his two brothers, James and Jason.

But so far there is no confirmation of a second romantic bond between the Duggar and Caldwell families.

Another possibility was related to Jeremiah Duggaru, who has reportedly been spotted in the company of a woman named Katey Nakatsu in recent weeks.

A message may appear on that front, but at the moment it doesn’t seem like Jeremiah and Katey are ready to officially announce anything.

Yes, we hate to be carriers of bad news, but at the moment, it seems that Justin is the only Duggar to fumble.

Are there any other posts after all?

Of course – Justin has five older siblings who are single, and most, if not all, will be tied up at some point.

But for now, we guess that Duggar fans will just have to settle for just greeting Justin and expect the wedding bells to ring soon.

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