Drunk David Eason kills, EATS family pet in a nasty video: watch if you have!


If you are an adult who eats meat, we think you have no illusions about where it comes from.

You may not like to think about it, especially if you’re a lover of our four-legged friends, but until we get to the point where meat can be grown in labs, every burger, pork chop, and chicken cutlet has made an animal’s death.

But there is a difference between a slaughterhouse worker or an independent farmer respectfully taking away an animal that has been raised for human consumption … and the sadistic madness that David Eason has just posted on Instagram.

Yes, David slaughtered another of his children’s pets.

And in his time, he documented the massacre on Instagram.

David and the Goat 2

“It’s a ham. It’s a butt,” David begins, as if we need something else to make fun of him.

After announcing that he had changed everything by swallowing his ass different a swamp creature than usual, David further explained that the goat is none other than Elvis, the pet who has lived on it since infancy.

“It’s Elvis, the little baby we had last year,” he added.

David and the Goat 1

Yes, if the footage, when David talks full mouth, is not nauseous enough, this troglodyte felt the need to add that he took the life of another of his child’s pets.

Just last year, Eason shot a family dog ​​- a 10-pound French Bulldog puppy – prompting a CPS investigation that caused him to temporarily lose custody of his children.

His wife, Jenelle Evans, posted YouTube videos of how the whole experience was traumatic.

But with one 10-second Instagram clip, David just hurt his entire BS and confirmed he would do it again.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with growing your own food.

However, there is a big difference between ethical subsistence farming and recording a video in which you swallow your child’s drink while drinking.

“My husband is a beautiful country and had some domestic goats,” wrote one Instagram commentator.

“I asked if they ever ate his goats, he was like hell, not they were pets.”

The commentator continued: “My 9-year-old child heard us and said they must be poor if they eat their pet.”

People seem to think the 9-year-old is smart enough to understand that he was able to gather reality about Easons ’situation based on David’s last sad act of despair.

We knew for a while that Jenelle was broken, but now we know that the situation on Earth is so hopeless that David feels he has no choice but to slaughter and eat the family pet.

David and the Goat 3

What’s more, he’s so bored and eager for attention that he feels he has to document this occasion on Instagram.

Not only do you document this, but make a goat’s head shot in a trash can surrounded by beer cans.

Just like something from a serial killer movie.

We know what you think – wouldn’t it be easier for David to feed his family if he was looking for a job rather than being guilty in the middle of the day?

Couldn’t he and Jenelle go to some grocery store and accept help instead of further traumatizing their children by slaughtering another beloved pet?

The sad fact is that Jenelle and David can take a lot of action to improve their situation.

But they will never take them because they are junk people and the only reality show they should ever show up is COPS.

Why did David feel the need to create this video?

Why is he so happy to psychologically torture his own children and stepfathers?

Doesn’t he realize that because of the light paint job he looks equal to, what would happen if Billuy Idol discovered the time?

We may never have the answers to all of these questions, but one thing is for sure:

When it comes to cruel, deterrent behavior, David Eason remains an absolute GOAT.

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