Darcey Silva encounters Florian’s side work Darcey & Stacey


We all asked if Florian Sukaj cheated on Stacey Silva … and the answer seems bleak.

In this publication Darcey and Stacey, in search of answers, Steys only leads to the heart.

Stacey Silva - come look at my place

Florian moved from Albania to Connecticut.

His goal was to be with Steys.

The fact that it coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic means it will not go away any time soon.

But that doesn’t mean Florian and Stacey went smoothly.

No one in her family trusts Florian.

Especially after photos of Florian with another woman found on social media.

Even her father was initially skeptical of the photos, believing they needed to be explained if he posted them.

But when Darcey explained to him that no, the woman posted the cozy-looking pictures, he stumbled.

Everyone wants answers, and Darcey wants to pay attention to his twin.

Floriano Sukajo is a mysterious woman

So, for the rest of this season, Darcey is addressing this woman via FaceTime.

“It’s becoming a very, very frustrating situation,” she admits.

Darcey continues, “And I just want to know what happened.”

The woman Florian Sukaj is mysterious - I am not your dear

“Just be simple, darling,” Darcey asks the woman at once.

The woman bounces off this line, “I’m not your sweetheart, okay?”

“And,” the woman declares, “I am not to blame that Florian’s sugar wants to taste my honey.

Darcey Silva is often with the mysterious woman Florian Sukaj

Darcey is shocked and asks, “Sugar?”

The metaphor of a woman is strange, but everyone understands its meaning – including Darcey.

Whether Florian signed the deal or not is unclear, but it seems obvious that the woman claims he wanted her bones.

Darcey Silva looks like Stacey Silva is crying

Stacey can be seen breaking down because of this situation.

– What’s going on now? she asks her twin through crying.

Steise admits, “I want to believe in him.”

Stacey Silva - I'm done!

Of course, it’s no surprise that Stacey isn’t the only Silva twin to have a problem with her expensive boy’s toy.

“I’m too old to worry about other bitches,” says Darcey Georgi.

For his part, he expresses frustration and clearly no longer wants to talk about it.

Then it was Darcey’s turn to split Stacey’s hands.

These trust issues for her and Georgi will not go away any time soon.

And Darcey looks to the future … and everything seems vague or even gloomy.

“I want to make a living,” Darcey declares. – I want to build the future.

It’s hard to wait for that when there’s nothing but drama.

“It’s bad for me,” she says. “I’m f – the king is tired of that.”

At the end of the jokes, Darcey informs the camera that she is hiding a huge and possibly dark secret.

“There’s one thing that’s going to be quarantined with Georgi,” Darcey admits to the cameras.

She admits, “I didn’t tell anyone – not even you guys.” The trailer doesn’t reveal Darcey’s secret, so we’ll have to watch to find out and you’ll have to keep up with THGcoverage.

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