Colton Underwood threatens Cassie Randolphu: Do you like playing games? Let’s play some games then !!


In a word?


As previously reported, Cassie Randolph was given a restraint against former boyfriend and former bachelor conductor Colton Underwood.

Underwood must now stay at least 100 meters from Randolph, her home, car and at work.

The meeting is scheduled for October 6, then this order will be reviewed and extended or terminated.

It’s a shocking turn of events for the couple, which we thought was quick towards the altar just a few months before.

In his court case, Randolf accused Underwood of “persecution and harassment” for appearing uninvited and often at her home. even put a tracking device on her car.

At the time of her legal request, she even presented this device to a judge.

Randolph, who met after Underwood about two years after the end of The Bachelor Season 23 and separated from the former virgin in April, also said Underwood often wrote messages to her, giving Cassie grief over allegedly reconciling with former Caelan Tiongson.

He also threatened her several times, Cassie says.

In one disturbing case, Underwood left Randolph, who shouted to hang Caelan Tiongson.

Cassie claims Underwood threatened her by saying, “I’m going to settle you.”

According to the report, he “continued to make repeated calls and text messages on the following days”.

We would say that is all there is to it.

Noticing Cassie’s brother at the former girl’s Huntington beach house in June, Colton seems to have handled the text and apologized.

Randolf included this exchange captured on screen and others along with his filong.

Underwood is also accused of pseudonymizing phone numbers anonymously by sending harassing messages to Randolph, her friends and family at various hours of the day.

A supposedly former NFL player sent messages to himself, pretending to be the victim of an anonymous observer as well.

“Do you like playing games? Let’s play a few games then, “read one text to Randolf.

“Have a good time”, read another one from an unknown phone number. “You won’t have anything, but you’ll regret it later for the way you treat people.”

We can’t confirm that these texts were sent by Colton at this time, but if so?

Holy f-ck balls, buddy.

After Randolf discovered the tracking device under the bumper of his vehicle, she contacted police and informed Underwood that she was hiring a private investigator to find her pursuer.

Neva Underwood “confessed that he was the one who put the tracker in her car and sent her, her friends and herself text messages according to the nickname phone numbers described earlier.”

Colton then went to see some passing in Colorado.

He had been there for about a month, and when she returned to Los Angeles, Randolph was frightened enough for her safety that she asked for this restraint.

And that’s how we are, people.

Reading the document:

Ms. Randolph fears for the safety of herself and her family and friends and wants to ensure that the harassment and harassment ceases when she returns to Los Angeles in the coming days.

[Because] the story of his behavior, which grew from harassment and intrusive calls and messages, intrusive walks to her apartment complex, staying outside the window in his parents’ home, [2 a.m.], to the placement of the tracking device and the escalation of its behavior just before leaving for Denver.

In the next 27 June. In screenshots of the text messages sent by Colton Cassie, which are included in the file, he partially tells her:

“… Because yours [sic] selfish, not ready to be loved.

“I spent two years loving you as best I can and now I’m sitting here feeling like a fool … You didn’t hurt me in words …

– I haven’t always done anything, just be by your side and you still don’t respect me all the time.

He accuses Cassie of hiding things from him and is a “shadow” and adds elsewhere:

“I’m just sitting in bed and trying to fall asleep, wondering if the woman I was madly in love is having a good time with the former.

– I have a million questions and I do not know if I want answers to all of them.

“I have a big heartache now and I miss my best friend, my lover and one person I never expected to lose.”

In response, Cassie writes:

“Colton, I also take great care of you. I know it’s very difficult and unfortunate to survive everything. And I appreciate you calling me to talk to me.”

– But I also don’t want to make it out of it.

She concluded, “You know we still trust each other and are tough on each other, and caring for each other.

“I don’t think it should turn into a flop so easily. Plus, it’s another road we’re on now that we’re not used to yet.

“Don’t despair, you know I care so much about you. You know that.”

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