Clemson’s dominance in ACC is a problem for everyone else


1916 October 7 Georgia Tech beat Cumberland 222: 0 in the most victorious college football competition in history.

“Yellow jackets” felt the modern equivalent of Saturday, compared to no. 1 Clemson. The Tigers won 73: 7 in another Dabo Swinney game, where they will collect their score, which will raise questions about the level of play in the ACC.

Is Clemson too good for his sake at the conference? It became one of the talking points that follows the Tigers every victory over the ACC opponent. Their perceptual success hardly affects the program – and that’s a false story.

NFL PROJECT: Trevor Lawrence Monitor Tank

Clemson is so good. No matter what the conference is.

Her Georgia Tech blowout was the latest in a series of football clinics. Trevor Lawrence hit 24 of the 34 passes for 404 yards and five passes. You can nitpick to take over his throw, but it was his first in the last 13 games. Lawrence, as usual, is in the Heisman Trophy set. The Tigers hit all the phases on Saturday, leading to their biggest win in the amazing ACC winning streak.

If you count the last three championship races, then Clemson (5-0, 4-0 ACC) won 26 in a row against conference rivals with a total score of 1,176-322. The average victory difference in those games is 30.3 points, and the difference of 66 points against Georgia Tech was the biggest difference.

Clemson won an average of 33.3 points in his four conference matches this season, and had no emotional landing when he pushed aside Miami on the 13th of last week.

All of these funny statistics raise questions about the competition, along with the hypothesis “Put Clemson in the SEC.” How much meat is left on the tigers schedule?

November 7 Meeting with no. 4 Notre Dame in South Bend has Game of the Year material and a trip to Virginia Tech no. December 23 It will be interesting. Perhaps the 5th North Carolina, which pushed Clemson to the limit in thriller 21-20 last season, will be a contender in the ACC championship match. But does this Clemson team seem to have lost the game?

Tigers, however, are not an ACC problem. The state of Florida was not a problem when the 1992-2005 She has won 12 conference championships. ACC has no problems at all. At the top is a power plant.

The Tigers are the most complex team in the country at the moment, regardless of the conference, and they reinforce this every Saturday at the clinic. They are likely to appear in the sixth consecutive College Football Playoff and the fifth CFP championship, where they will have a hit by winning three national championships.

Chances are they will score even more points in doing so. More statistics on achievements are coming. During that 26-game conference cycle, Clemson beat more teams by 40 points or more (eight) than 20 or less (seven).

Cumberland must be thankful that it is not on schedule.

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