Christina Anstead and her ants divorced after less than 2 years of marriage


HGTV star Christina Anstead and her husband Ant split up 21 months after tying the knot and just over a year after greeting the boy together.

What a sad and quick turn of events. HGTV star Christina Anstead and her husband is less than two years old An ant stands out. She shared the news of 2020. September 18 An Instagram message next to a photo of a couple walking on the beach toward the setting sun. “Ant and I have made a difficult decision to divorce. We are grateful to each other and as always our children will remain our priority. We appreciate your support and ask for privacy for us and our family when we travel in the future, ”Christina wrote in the headline. She also turned off comments.

Christina seemed to find happiness again after 2016. Separation and 2018. January divorce with her Flip or Flop show partner and then the man Tarekas El Moussa, 39. 2017 m. November She started dating 41-year-old British TV presenter Antu and the couple married in an intimate ceremony Newport Beach, CA, 2018 December 22 Christina even took her last name.

Christina and Ant formed their family almost immediately, greeting their son Hudson London Anstead to the world 10 months after their wedding. “Our hearts are ONLY full of love and joy! Our healthy boy was born this morning on September 19, 6 – 7 pounds 7 ounces, 19.5 inches long. September 6 Christina shared a photo with the couple looking at their newborn as she swings. her hospital bed.

Ant and Christina Anstead
Ant and then pregnant Christina Anstead attend the Discovery Premiere of Serengeti at the Beverly Hills Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in 2019. July 23 Photo credit: MEGA.

Hudson had just celebrated her first birthday just 12 days ago, and Christina has published a series of photos of the boy along with photos of a little blonde liar with cousins. She did not mention Anta, and he and their son did not appear in any of the photos. “Happy Hudson’s 1st birthday! A cute, sensitive, busy boy … I look forward to seeing my brothers and sisters around the house soon – we love you, ”she wrote in the headline. Hudson was seen in the photos with his children by his daughter Tarek Taylor El Moussa, 9 and a son Braydenas El Moussa, 5. The ant has two children Amelie, 16 and Archie, 14, From a previous marriage.

The ant last announced Christin on August 2, saying he takes time off social networks and intends to “pamper” his wife. Instagram video about her during 2019. Month of January. During the honeymoon in Bora Bora, he noted:I say “Happy Anniversary” to my wife EVERY SUNDAY! Drive her crazy. ” The ant then explained:So I’m going to take a break! Take the time to pamper your wife, tease your kids, eat lots of carbs, and watch movies made in the eighties. “The ant returned to the gram with photos of him playing on the beach with Hudson on Sept. 13. This time, Kristina was not mentioned.

Christina last appeared on Instagram on July 28, as they were seen in the photo while having dinner with another couple sitting on an outdoor terrace on Newport Beach. But the couple were seated as far apart as possible, at opposite ends of the table, including friends as Christina settled in comfortably next to her friend. Kristin.

Christina’s ex-wife Tarek appeared in her gram recently when she announced Flip or Flop promotional photo of the couple on September 10th. looks happy and professional. Blonde beauty wrote:The all new flip or flop season (Season 9) premieres on Thursday, October 15 at 9 p.m. Who would have thought that they would achieve 9 seasons? Grateful for the work I love in the network I love. ” Talk about time … when Christina’s marriage is coming to an end, Tarek’s horizon is new. He got engaged jo I am selling a sunset star one year old girl Heather Rae Young 2020 July 26

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