Chris Evans accidentally releases his Dong Pic, possibly saving in 2020.


An actor and a walking, talking thirst Chris Evans was our hero For long time.

But over the weekend, he became the hero we all needed. Hope that was lacking in 2020, the lighthouse.

Chris Evans as

Of course, when the world shouted a symbol of hope, a meeting point that would distract them from this year’s horror, they never imagined the answer would be so … deceptive.

We’re talking about Chris Evans ’penis, of course.

Over the weekend, a photo of his dick leaked. And the world already knows who is responsible for the leak.

Chris Evans accidentally leaked a picture of his dick.

No, he didn’t show up, though the rough miniature silhouette seems to have shown a lot of bragging rights.

Instead, he simply suffered a phone disaster – one that most of us dream of nightmares about.

Chris Evans leaked (eggplant censorship)

You see, Chris Evans somehow decided to put a video of his family on screen – simply by playing the game to share it on social networks.

Its video gallery is displayed at the very end of the screen.

Thumbnail images of each video are visible … and one of them is definitely the silhouette of a penis. (We can’t show you that, so we replaced it with eggplant emoticons)

Marvel fans, thirsty fans and dong connoisseurs quoted as they discussed the goodies of the famous hot.

The feedback was and they were extremely positive. Captain America has more weapons than just a shield.

Interestingly, it wasn’t even the only eye-catching thumbnail in a short, quickly erased video.

Chris Evans’s image with the words “guard that p – sy” is decorated … sir, we have questions.

We don’t know the origin of the image, but people have been very horny for Chris for a long time.

It’s just a little surprising that he personally has a video with this image on his phone.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans did not confirm that the dong in question was his or otherwise eliminated the leak.

Obviously, it is thought to be his; if it were someone’s dick, we would have even more questions.

However, his brother implicitly drew attention to this leak through the cheek of his tongue.

Scott Evans, I missed the subtweet

Scott was, of course, the victim of a less accidental spill.

Some time ago, intimate photos of Chris’s brother were deliberately shared with the world.

This has led many on Twitter to compare those who remember dong for a long time. Most seem to agree that the brothers are similar.

We must, of course, point out that even as an accident it is a tragedy.

If Chris woke up one day and decided to share his cock with the world, millions would happily get it open … let’s just say with outstretched arms and leave it at that.

But while it was at least not a malicious invasion of privacy or revenge porn, it did happen to him.

It’s perfectly fine for him to feel embarrassed … even if he has nothing in normal terms to make him feel embarrassed.

Remember, this can happen to anyone. How many people suddenly working remotely turned on screen sharing without realizing the wrong desktop background.

That’s not to say they did something wrong, you just always want to control who sees your spam – or perhaps treasure – and who doesn’t.

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