Britney Spears stunning in a green mini skirt, sexy disposable suit and more in a new transformation video


Britney Spears returns to her epic style-changing fashion show, wearing everything from a simple kitten to a beautifully pink floral dress in a video.

Someone was shopping! It has passed since then Britney Spears“Took the fans to one of her fashion shows, showcasing new wardrobe items in one hilarious video. But the 39-year-old woman returned to her joy ways to change style in a new social media post on April 7th. Britney seemed in her best mood, even pointing out that there is another garment in the video where she is still modeling the one she had. Britney showed off her motorcycle jacket, a a skin-covering cat alone, flowing peasant top and pink floral dress … all in one video.

The “toxic” singer started with a look that is far beyond her usual style zone. Britney combined a tight, very short green mini skirt with a white neck top. She wore a black scissor lining motorcycle style jacket top and black calf high boots with silver studs and white socks from the knees to make the killers really look. While it would have been absolutely perfect for LA in late fall or winter, it’s better late than never to show her stylish clothes for later months. She then showed her right to her next show.

The video is set to Pharellas2015 hit “Happy, – it turned out that Britney feels the mood of the song! In the dressing room, she dropped the curtain to show off super sexy a black translucent kitten clinging to his skin that hugged her dancer shade curves. There were black spots of black leopard print on the whole garment, which Brite combined with black heels. She even raised her hands to make the cat scratching move, and muttered the “meow” to actually get into the cat’s spirit. The mother of two then raised his hands over his head to show the next video.

At a third glance, Britney is back to what she knows and loves best … short shorts and a peasant summit. She walked under the outdoor balcony of her mansion in the white belly area she already had low braided white shorts and a white long-sleeved top with wavy sleeves and delicate floral embroidery. The Brit in the outfit looked like the perfection of spring, walking with his hands in his pockets until he raised his hands up and threw to the left to make the next one appear.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears played dress up all the time while performing. She was seen here, in a concert in Taipei, Taiwan, in 2017. June 13 Photo credit: Shutterstock.

Britney was on her balcony again sweetest pink mini dress with ruffles along the garment in large puffy short sleeves. The dress had red, pink, and yellow floral patterns, and it seemed that now that spring had come and summer was already waiting, there would be plenty of action. Britney wrote in her fashion show video: “I found my cat’s costume. I couldn’t find the mask, but at least I found my body !!!! Stay my happy friends and do what makes you happy, promised !!!! God bless !! ”Check out one of the very fun Britney fashion shows she’s done below as this is from September 2017:

Fans were very excited to see Britney re-modeling the outfit with such joy and personality. User @comradebritknee stated, “FASHION OFFERS ARE BACK, WE WON OMG THE UNBEATABLE QUEEN, WE DON’T WORK,” and fellow fan @intheezoneney snapped, “SHE LOOKS LOOKING YESSSS.” User @circus_bitch also missed the balcony fashion show, saying Britney: “YOU LIKE QUANTITY WE LOVE YOU! YOU SEE STUNNING AND THAT THE BALCONY DIDN’T HAPPEN “, and @ HGFR1986 was one of the few who excitedly didn’t write all the capital letters, but said to Brit,” I love all these gazes from you! You look happy !!! Love energy! “It’s arguably the most playful and fun side Britney has shown in the video in a long time, so it’s no surprise that fans are impressed.

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