Briana DeJesus to Luis Hernandez: WTF, buddy? You gave me chlamydia!


Briana DeJesus learned an important lesson about teenage moms this week 2:

Never have unprotected sex with your ex-boyfriend while you wait for an LPL test because you have had unprotected sex with that boyfriend recently. same ex boyfriend.

Live and study, right?

We reported that in August DeJezus slept with Luis Hernandez earlier this year and as a result became ill with a sexually transmitted disease.

(Louis is the father of three-year-old Briana’s daughter Stella, who was pregnant when her parents had previously had unprotected sex in the bathroom.)

Meanwhile, on Tuesday night, we saw Briana’s reaction to learning about this fall, which included the rather harsh words of a former loved one and a long, deep, critical look in the mirror.

At the beginning of the episode, Briana went into planned parenting get this STS test… and then admitted to sleeping with Hernandez again while awaiting the results of this physical exam.

“As far as we get hooked and it’s not protection, we also have to communicate if you’re doing something with someone else and I’m doing something with someone else,” Briana told Luis after those bedroom dates.

“I’m in control of birth rates, so I’m not worried about that,” she added.

“But as much as anything else that comes with unprotected sex, I care about my health and more, and I don’t want anything to happen.”

Louis simply said the couple should be “straight” with each other, but Briana ignored that advice when she was told she had been infected with chlamydia from her baby’s father.

This disease can be treated with simple antibiotics … but it’s a shame to have it!

And DeJez is sure Hernandez gave it to her.

“I didn’t process that he gave me LPL, LPI, whatever f – whatever you would like to call it,” the evil Briana admitted after talking to Louis.

luis h

This anger did not subside either.

“I don’t think he cares,” she continued.

“I think he’s the person who will find out if he has anything from his partners.

“I wish I was protected, put on a condom or something. I don’t really know how to feel, I think it’s fake, but it’s real.”

Here are the readers: just wear a condom, okay? You can’t be too safe.

DeJesus, meanwhile, got his mother’s support by calling her with the news.

“What an f-king’s dick. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know what my reaction will be when I see him,” Roxanne said. – I may have to beat him in the butt.

Briana promised never to sleep with Louis again, but her open father had not responded to classical speech.

“The point is, what reckless life does he live to expose you and everyone around you?” she smoked. “He ‘s reckless. Apparently, he doesn’t give f – k about anything but his own [bleeped]. “

Addressing the next relative, Briana also broke into Sister Brittany and told her the same thing she had said to their mother:

No more sex with Luis!

What should she tell him about the results?

“Tell him his dick is in the crust and he has to go on his bleach,” Brittany replied.

Funny things, but Briana cared about a serious topic: the baby of an extraneous couple.

“No matter what vibration we had, it’s completely impossible and the only person you’ll lose is Stella,” Briana said.

“And if he is so ashamed and ashamed, he will turn his cheek and will not come?”

“It shows the character of his f – king as a man,” Brittany told her brother and sister. – It shows that he is not a man and is shit.

Well yes. But he is still her daughter’s dad.

“That’s what I was afraid of, something like that got complicated and he left Stella,” Briana said.

Briana, as you might expect, as it were fans fried since it leaked that she received this LPL.

But it doesn’t look like she’s regretting when the cameras are watching her through the experience.

She told People magazine this summer that her goal was to “teach others that it’s good to try and talk about it.”

MTV personality added at that time:

“And such a bite in my ass because something was positive in my test results.

“I hate having to go through it again because I finally went through it, but hopefully it’s more of a learning experience for everyone else.

“I hope people can learn from my mistakes because I’ve made a lot of mistakes.”

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