Biden says he contradicts the terms of the federal court system


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said on Monday that he opposes the term of office of federal judges, his last comment on what he would or would not do to the judiciary if elected president.

As part of his plan set up a commission to investigate federal courts, Biden said he looked at how long the judges worked in the Supreme Court. One journalist asked the former vice president if that meant he was open to terms that Biden immediately shook his head at and repeated, “No, no, no.”

“No,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. I will not try to change that at all. “

Many Democrats called for judicial reform, such as time limits and expanding the Supreme Court, especially after the president Donald Trump proposed 48-year-old Amy Coney Barrett to replace late Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the Supreme Court. Biden’s comment on the deadline is on the same day The Senate voted in favor of Barrett’s approval, which gives Republicans a 6-3 conservative majority in the nation’s highest court.

Democratic candidate refuses to adopt a position on the inclusion of judges in the Supreme Court if elected president, but has repeatedly said he will appoint a bilateral commission to investigate judicial reforms. Biden was also harsh against Trump and Republicans pushing Barrett through the GOP-controlled Senate in the weeks leading up to election day for refusing to consider President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court candidate in 2016. In February, because it was an election year.

“Among constitutional scholars, there is some literature on the possibility of moving from one court to another and not always staying in the Supreme Court all the time. But I didn’t make a decision, “Biden explained.

The potential candidate commission is “just a group of serious constitutional scholars with a lot of ideas on how we should proceed from this point on,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. I will give them 180 days, if God wills, if I am elected, and a time when I swear so I can make such a recommendation. ”

Democrats in the House presented the bill in September this would set 18-year terms for Supreme Court judges. If adopted, new judges would be appointed to the Supreme Court on a regular basis every two years, with a non-renewable term. After 18 years, the appointees would become “senior judges” who could temporarily join the court if they were suddenly released.

That bill is the first attempt to create boundaries for the statutes, not laws, not constitutional amendments. Article III of the Constitution allows Congress to allow regulation of the federal judiciary, while providing for federal judges to serve in “good conduct.” This phrase is considered life-threatening, and constitutional scholars disagree as to whether Congress can limit this term only by law.

Senate Republicans have confirmed by hundreds of young Trump lifelong judges during the first term, filling a staggering number of vacancies left after the same Republicans blocked Obama’s attempts to approve the nominees.

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