Astros and Rays score, score: Tampa Bay reassures Houston in 2020 ALCS 7 in the game


Rays kicked off Astra in the ALCS 7 game on Saturday to advance to the World Series.

The first home game, dominated by erupting star Randy Arozarena, and the star start from Charlie Morton gave Tampa Bay an early advantage. Then manager Kevin Cash’s shot withstood the tense moments and won the score 4-2.

Morton lasted 5 2/3 feeds and rarely ran into trouble. Cashas removed him in just 66 yards, and the disputed decision paid off. The only Houston runs were done with Carlos Correa’s double single in the eighth.

The Rays, of course, led the series 3-0 before dropping three in a row. The Astra team, which was at the center of the brand theft scandal before 2020, The campaign felt empowered as an MLB villain eager to spot the shocking ALCS in front of his critics. Tampa Bay staff denied them such satisfaction.

Tampa Bay will face the Braves or Dodgers in the world series.

Sporting News watched 7 games between Astra and Rays with live updates, highlights and commentary. Also follow below to see how Tampa Bay won.

The final result of Astra and Rays

FINAL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R
Astros 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 2
Rays 2 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 X 4

Astros and Rays score, the most important results of the ALCS 7 game

9 best

22:54: Diaz flies off and the Rays are AL champions!

10:51 p.m .: Reddick hits the post. High speed ball.

22:48: Gurriel beats one to the right field. The strapping process will come to the plate.

22:47: Tucker hits the post. 99 miles per hour fast ball over the area. One of.

22:43: Tampa Bay on the mound follows Fairbanks. Another pure Cash decision on pitch.

Bottom 8

22:41: Wendle hits into a double play. Ninth filing time.

22:39: Paredes walks with Adam.

22:36: Right hand Enoli Paredes replaces Blake Taylor with a runner-up in first and one place.

8 best

22:26: Bregman chases a fast speed of 100 km / h to complete the game. Astros is closer, but will have only one more chance to even score.

22:23: single run of two runs KORREJAI. The game is on.

22:21: Four steps on foot. The Correa comes with loaded bases, four down. Drama!

22:21: The ball in the mud flows from Zunino, allowing Altuve to move forward.

22:20: Peter Fairbanks enters the face with Brantley.

22:16: Adam cannot control the soil until the third side of the foundation. He managed Altuvė’s inner single. First and third with two exits.

22:14: The springer chooses the player’s choice after Aledmio Diazo’s walk.

22:11: The Rays are four distances from the second World Series appearance in franchise history.

10:10 p.m .: Anderson remains on the mound at eight. He retires Reddick in one pitch.

Bottom 7

23.06: Taylor takes a clean seventh place.

23:03: Left-handed Blake Taylor is involved in the Astro.

7 best

22:57: Yuli Gurriel spoils the rally by hitting a double game.

22:56: Kyle Tucker presents a hard-to-reach single in the middle. Bregman moves to third base.

22:55: Broken Bregman drops the single to the right.

22:54: Correa flies to the first visible site.

Bottom 6

10:51 p.m .: The cermet strikes. We go to the seventh filing.

22:47: Zunino comes with a the victim fly.

22:45: Wendle moves Choi to third place with the fly ball to the right.

22:41: Adam’s walks. Two situations, without any situation, lead to a long meeting of the mound.

22:38: Choi centers.

6 best

22:36: Anderson causes the earth.

22:30: Kevin Cashas takes Morton away in 66 pitches. Wow. It will be crushed if that movement responds.

22:29: An inner hit by Jose Altuvei. The first and third with two Astros results.

22:29: Rays is Nick Anderson. One has to imagine that Morton would be very unhappy if he pulled him out soon.

22:26: The springer falls into the shooter’s choice, overcoming a possible double game.

22:25: Maldonado draws a four-step walk.

22:23: Morton kills Josh Reddick and starts the sixth.

Bottom 5

22:19: Correa, located at second base with a Meadows blow, seeks its way into bad territory to catch a profit.

22:18 Urquidy fools Arozarena with a breakable ball. The opponent had left in front of the hit pitch and fell asleep. Two exits.

22:13: Lowe played the choice. One of.

22:11: Urquidy eina Margot.

22:09: Right-handed Jose Urquidy falls to the fifth end.

Top 5

22.05: Six-height feed.

10:04 p.m. Morton still hasn’t thrown out his 50th pitch. He has now retired 12 in a row.

22:02: Choi stretches out to catch the wrong throw at the first base, preventing the leading pioneer.

Bottom 4

21:59: Left-handed Brooks Raley does his job and knocks out Kevin Kiermaier.

9:53 p.m .: McCullers knocks out Zunino. He is then pulled out of the game with two scores and Wendle on the first base.

9:48 p.m .: Wendle reaches for a one-off single.

4 best

9:44 p.m .: Morton throws another cartridge three up, three down. He retired 10 in a row.

Bottom 3

21:35: The meadows hit the end.

9:30 pm: Altuve kills the ball, but still gains strength at the second base. Two down.

9:28 p.m .: Lowe herds for the hit. Arozarena chooses the player of his choice and stands first with one.

21:27: One has to assume that McCullers ’leash is short. Any trouble and it can be pulled out.

3 best

9:25 p.m .: Morton turns seven steps back. He looks really good.

Bottom 2

21:20: McCullers knocks out the other two batters and we survive two soles in San Diego.

9:15 p.m .: Mike Zunino hits the a solo home running to extend Tampa Bay’s lead to 3-0.

2 best

21:08: Morton determines the order of the Astra.

21.04: Adam robbed Alex Bregman if he played a great game in a short time.

Bottom 1

9 p.m .: Willy Adames is trying to complete the shot. McCullers needed 30 pitches to pass through the game.

8:58 p.m .: Ji-Man Choi walked after the deletion of Austin Meadows.

8:57 p.m .: Arozarena has seven home season races.


8:49 p.m .: Lowe hits the post. One went with Margot still at the first base.

8:48 p.m .: Brandon Lowe, Rays hit no. 2, was terrible during the season. The regular game of the stellar season kept him in high rank. Hitting here will definitely lead to an early rally.

8:47 p.m .: Lance McCullers returns Manuel Margot to his first offer of the game.

1 at the top

8:43 p.m .: Carlosas Correa kicks the ball in the mud to complete the first top.

8:42 p.m .: Michael Brantley presents an opposite field single with two outs. Classic Brantley bat.

20:35: Charlie Morton’s first pitch is outside and a 7 game is taking place.

The start time of Astra vs. Rays

  • First height: 20:35 ET
  • TV channel: TBS
  • Directly: See TBS

The start of Game 7 between Astra and Rays is scheduled to start at 20:35 ET. It will be broadcast nationwide through TBS.

World Series 2020 schedule

2020 The World Series will be held exclusively at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. This is the only one in 2020. A series for the rest of the season.

Last year, the first step of the World Series usually takes place around 20:07 ET, so expect that by 2020.

Data Game Start time television channel
Tuesday, October 20th 1 game TBD Fox
Wednesday, October 21st Game 2 TBD Fox
Friday, October 23rd Game 3 TBD Fox
Saturday, October 24th 4 game TBD Fox
Sunday, October 25th Game 5 * TBD Fox
Tuesday, October 27th Game 6 * TBD Fox
Wednesday, October 28th Game 7 * TBD Fox

* If necessary

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