Astro Gaming releases Cold War headphones and sets a new generation strategy


Astro Gaming started a Call of Duty: Black Ops is the Cold War version of the gaming headset A10 for consoles and PC players.

Astro Gaming, A division of Logitech, manufactures audio headphones for audiophiles and professional players. This headset features artwork licensed from Activision’s Call of Duty brand. It’s part of the products you’ll see when peripheral manufacturers try to become part of the next-generation console buying frenzy.

New Astro Gaming Call of Duty: The Black Ops Cold War A10 joins the ASTRO A40 TR, Speakers tags and A40 TR Mod kits already on the market today. The headset aims to give players an edge when playing games in which they recognize the three-dimensional location of their enemies by foot, which will be the hallmark of the new generation of consoles that will be released in mid-November.

“We’ve always been part of the Call of Duty scene,” said Thaddeus Cooper, Astro’s launch marketing manager, in an interview with GamesBeat. “About 3.5 years ago, we started producing licensed products with them, including their Call of Duty League. Now we have Cold War headphones. “

The next Call of Duty title will debut on November 13 on both current and next-generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles. When players move to the new machines, they will be able to pick up their headphones, Cooper said. In particular, the Xbox team has given Astro Gaming good feedback, ensuring that the headphones work on generations of consoles, Cooper said.


“If you buy a $ 500 console, you really need to ask people to replace all their peripherals,” Cooper said. “Our forward-moving headphones are compatible. We have said this in support of our fans so that they can maintain the investments they have already made. “

Older products, such as the Astro mixamps, may require free firmware upgrades to make them compatible with the latest Xbox consoles, Cooper said. But generally speaking, all current Astro peripherals will work compatible with the next generation of consoles, he said. However, in some cases they will not be complete without special adapters for things like Dolby Surround Sound. Astro has developed a $ 40 adapter, an HDMI optical splitter, to address this issue. It’s better than buying brand new peripherals, Cooper said.

Above: The Astro A10 sells for $ 70 and will debut in mid-October.

Video Credit: Astro Gaming

Buyers of Call of Duty headphones will also receive exclusive weapon charm through certain downloadable content (DLC) through Astro Gaming. The limited edition A10 headset has a removable microphone snap filter and steel headbands with a tamper-resistant rubber cover. It is available in mid-October on and Gamestop. It has a 3.5mm jack for both console and PC and will work with 3.5mm audio ports on mobile devices. The headphones cost $ 70.


Earlier this month, Astro Gaming also introduced its second-generation A20 wireless gaming headset and USB transmitter for consoles and computer games. The A20 works with older generation consoles, such as the Xbox One or Sony PlayStation 4. However, they also work with the new Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 (you must purchase a PlayStation or Xbox headset).

San Francisco-based Astro Gaming is a division of Logitech that is giving its gamers’ audiophiles its $ 120 line of A20 headphones. The headphones have a range of 50 feet and a battery life of 15 hours.

The A20 Wireless Gen 2 USB Transmitter comes with an A20 headset, but you can also purchase it separately. The $ 20 transmitter allows you to pair one headset with multiple consoles.

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