Aries Jalen Ramsey: ‘Clear as a day’ pushed out by Cowboys’ Michael Gallup


The Cowboys thought they were designed to at least catch up with the Rams in the last seconds of regulation on Sunday. Los Angeles winger Jalen Ramsey knew not. Well, it seemed to him that he was at least real.

Officers said the last word on what was right, and their invitation appeared on Ramsey’s side. The 47-yard finish from Dako Prescott to Michael Gallup became a 10-yard fine for offensive passes that shattered the Cowboys’ hopes of returning to the fourth quarter. After two games, Dallas turned the ball down and LA started celebrating 20-17 victories at the new SoFi Stadium.

Ramsey could have been the most certain, regardless of the crew on duty, that Gallup had pushed him with his right hand.

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“It was as clear as day,” Ramsey said after calling after playing with reporters. “If they hadn’t called it, I’d be very upset. Yeah, I think it was clear as day. I don’t know what you all saw, but that’s what I saw and felt there.”

Needless to say, Ramsey was very keen on the result when Gallup beat him outside and captured Prescotto’s third downward shot to get the Cowboys to 19th Aries at 21 seconds. Officials returned to Dallas until 24 to make it third-20. LA then forced two Prescott unfinished players to win.

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“Just looking live, it looked like the two guys were fighting with their hands,” Cowboys freshman Mike McCarthy told reporters. He said he had not seen a repetition. “I thought it was well done. I was surprised there was a call, anyway. Obviously I was disappointed with the call, especially at that point in the game. I thought they allowed both teams to play tonight and you just see it [call], especially at a critical moment in the game ”.

Judge Tony Corrente told a pool journalist in a statement (according to Dallas morning news) that Gallupo’s foul was “clear and obvious in the square, hand to the opponent. The complete outstretched arm caused the separation. “

“In all situations that would be called,” he added. “We won’t allow that at any point in the game.”

Some observers claim officials were deceived by Ramsey, who was selling the call as he leaned back and fluttered behind Gallup.

Gallup’s fine was the second controversial offensive on Sunday. Wide Bengals receiver AJ Green was invited to push the charger cord by Casey Hayward before taking what would have been a meaningful pass from Joe Burrow in seven seconds. Green seems to have made fewer ties than Gallup vs. Ramsey.

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