Amber Portwood promises


Amber Portwood distresses any (teenage) mother of the year award. Even she knows it.

Po Amber was recently rejected on screen by Leah, she smoked … with Kristina.

But at least amber saves furious, irrational ridicule for adults.

To Leah, she simply promises to “get things right” one day.

Earlier this week, Amber Portwood’s message to daughter Leai featured an uncharacteristically soft tone.

“I know you survive a lot,” she began her Instagram post.

“And,” Amber admitted, “a lot of things need to be done to do well.”

“But I will always love you,” Amber confirmed.

She called Leah “my beautiful daughter.”

Amber ended her short, lovely message: “Love you and Happy Easter.”

Recently, Amber received a painful but necessary reminder of her failures as a parent.

Viewers saw Leah less than impressed at the thought of inviting her mother to her birthday party.

Despite the encouragement of Garry and Kristina, Leah did not hesitate.

“We don’t really have that connection,” Lea told Dad.

“Twelve years and she really didn’t do anything,” she said.

Leah then read, “It was like Kristina’s place.”

Kristina Shirley - teenage mom OG

Kristina quickly described herself as a “premium mother.”

Her goal was to confirm Amber’s role as Leah’s mother.

And Gary stressed to Leah that it was “very important” for her not to separate Amber from her life.

“I don’t want you to write off mom,” Gary stressed.

He continued, “And saying, ‘I can’t have a relationship with her,’ and something like that.”

Gary explained, “Because, you know, you should have a relationship with her at some point.”

Surely, Leah hesitated to take the advice and agreed.

Gary sent Amber and an invitation.

But Amber was clearly upset.

Amber Portwood ROI fuss about Kristina Shirley

To accuse someone other than himself, Amber’s anger turned to Kristina.

Amber came out for a long, embarrassing Instagram comment.

“I have one question for her …” she began.

“How does it feel knowing she doesn’t have the same daughter care as me,” Amber wrote.

At the same time, she continued to Kristina, “because [she] chose this life over it ”.

“[She] there is no justification for that, ”said Gintaras.

– Not one thing! she exclaimed.

It’s getting worse.

Amber blew up Kristina: “She should be ashamed to even act like she’s such a great mother.”


We should quickly intervene that many people do not very deliberately post photos of their children.

In fact, this is even true be aspects of care.

It can be invasive and insecure … especially when there are unstable personalities involving legions of fans.

“It’s sincerely sad,” Amber said.

“And I feel her …” she said.

Amber continued, “Remember I was talking to her daughter’s award-winning mom,” and I was told everything! “

– She can’t even show her daughters name! Amber mocked.

“People come to me like a mess,” she said exactly as people think of her.

“When it’s true,” Amber resented, “I kept a lot of people’s secrets.”

– Where is her own daughter in any picture? she demanded for some reason.

“Be honest,” Amber urged.

“Yes, I made mistakes,” Amber didn’t realize much.

Then she said, “But I changed for the better !!”

“She is not a rewarding mother,” Gintaras said, revealing how pleasant the gesture had shaken his nerves.

Instead, she declared of Kristina, “She is an opportunist!”

Amber described Kristina as “a man who cries if Gary doesn’t pull on the coach’s bag …”.

“True …” Amber asserted.

“And sad,” she expressed, “she chose this rather than HER family.

“[She] I was scared because Leah and I were hanging out more !! “- theorized Amber.

“I’m sorry I made a mistake with people in the past,” Gintaras said again.

“But,” she continued, “we all know what really happened when]she[cheatedonherhusband”[cheatedonherhusband”[apgavosavovyrą“[cheatedonherhusband”

Gintarė then returned to her strange fixation on publicly visible photographs of children.

“She has to take some pictures with her child, not with me around the clock, without holidays,” she whimpered.

“I personally think there are some fault issues,” Amber guessed

“I see her with my daughter compared to her,” she claimed, “and it seems she doesn’t even exist.”

“I feel bad for her personally,” Gintaras announced.

“People can accept it however they want,” Amber said graciously allowed.

“It’s true … she’s an opportunist,” she whispered, “who clicks to put my daughter’s photos on her Instagram.

“I said my work and I’m personally calm about it,” Gintaras summed up.

It may be that Amber actually believes what he wrote there.

We almost hope so.

It would be scary to write something that hates you so much, involving your child and do it dishonestly.

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