2 Week Fantasy QB Ratings: Mandatory Starts, Runners, Safe Busts


This season, we’ll reach a point where some of our favorite pre-season QB runners are worth considering as pioneers of fantasy. Still not at week 2. Coincidentally more than anything, the top match holders are also proven merchandise you’ve most likely developed as your startup, such as young stars like Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes, or proven veterans like Tom Brady and Matt Ryan. While Daniel Jones, Drew Lock, and Gardner Minshew are playing at some point this season, they far surpass our 2-week fantasy QB ranking.

That being said, our top 12 are some of the matches worth giving you a break from. Russell Wilson and the Seahawks welcome New England. Seattle is usually a tough place to travel, but with fan restrictions, Week 2 will be our first hit, seeing how it affects the home square advantage. Already this season, we discussed how the Patriots defense is unlikely to come close to repeating last season, but it’s still a talented unit that we can expect to plan well to stop a unique talent like Wilson. While Wilson is still a fantastic starter this week, his upside leg is put up by a tough match.

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On the other side of that game is Camas Newton, who for the first time in a long time looked like a willing runner in Week 1. Legs he twice found the end zone, although he threw only 19 passes. We said a season ago that Newton needs to regain his hasty ability to regain the relevance of fantasy. Now that he’s done that, he’s at least going to start every week, even though we’re not crazy about the 2nd week trip to Seattle.

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There are also some reasons to worry about Deshaun Watson going against Crow. Watson’s Week 1 stats ended well, but his pass and a quick landing occurred when a game in Kansas City was unavailable. Baltimore has one of the top NFL defenders, and Watson seemed to have missed DeAndre Hopkins at the opening. The Baltimore game also raises concerns about the storage time KC has raised against Houston. Watson also remains the starter for this week, though he has fewer advantages than usual.

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The two best fantasy strikers also have a great match in Week 2. Killer Murray plays for Washington, which has a strong pass but isn’t the equivalent of a second. Expect the Cardinals crime to cause problems in Washington. Josh Allen is expected to take advantage of another AFC eastern enemy in Week 2 as the Bills travel to Miami – as long as Allen avoids wobbling too often.

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You should also feel like playing Dhaka Prescott (vs. Atlanta), Drew Brees (@Raiders), Tom Brady (vs. Panthers), and Aaron Rodgers (vs. Lions) this week. If you have a difficult Jones (@ Bears), Lock (@ Steelers), or Minshew (@ Titans) match that you have to deal with in two QB leagues, Mitchell Trubisky may actually be a bedroom game where giants are drawn, but you you can still probably live with Jones and Minshew because of their encryption capabilities.

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Note: Check back again throughout the week as we will continue to update our QB rankings right from the start based on the latest news as well as provide individual player analysis.

2-week Fantasy QB ratings

These rankings are for TD leagues that are four points ahead.

Rating Player
1 Lamar Jackson, BAL @ HOU
2 Patrick Mahomes, KC @ LAC
3 Killer Murray, ARZ v WAS. We had some concerns about Murray’s Week 1 match with the 49ers, both on the ground and in the air for the second year of QB proving it wasn’t a problem. Washington’s transfer has stifled some of Carson Wentz, but Murray is currently at another level and should start in every league.
4 Dakas Prescottas, DAL vs. ATL. The Dhaka and Cowboys were trying to find time to throw ahead of a strong LA Rams victory on Sunday night. Atlanta, though, shouldn’t pose the same problems, so Prescott should find time to throw deep into Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, and CeeDee Lamba. In the first week, Russell Wilson scored the most fantasy points of all on QB on Sunday against the Falcons.
5 Aaron Rodgers, GB vs. DET
6 Russell Wilson, SEA and NE. The Patriots have elected Ryan Fitzpatrick three times, but there’s little to read when deciding whether to play Russ. He’s probably the best QB on your list by a decent difference, so you should keep playing it and continue to get rewarded.
7 Josh Allen, BUF @ MIA. Allen had a big 1 week, despite two costly mistakes when Bills closed the back area. Miami allowed Cam Newton to run them into a pile for 1 week, and Allen was able to follow another big day of fantasy this week.
8 Matt Ryan, ATL @ DAL. Ryan missed over 400 yards spent in the first week because garbage time prevented the defense. Ryan has gotten very good in recent seasons, and if nothing more, you can count on that late against another strong opponent.
9 Deshaun Watson, HOU and BAL
10 Ben Roethlisberger, PIT v.
11 Tom Brady, TB v. CAR. Brady threw two intercepted competitions against the Saints, including six qualifying balls. On the good side, Carolina Raiders scored only 34 points. It’s a great bounce opportunity for Brady, but Week 1 showed that Tampa Bay can have growth pains even in GOATS
12 Drew Breesas, NO @ LV. If Michael Thomas ’injury is even serious, Brees is hit hard. Emmanuel Sanders didn’t look like the main 1-week supplement. You’re still playing Brees in many formats this week because he, like Brady, will probably bounce.
13 Jared Goff, LAR @ PHI
14 Ryan Tannehill, TEN v. JAX
15 Matthew Stafford, DET @ GB
16 Jimmy Garoppolo, SF @ NYJ
17 Carson Wentz, PHI, and LAR. If Wentzo’s fight against the Washington rendition mark is any indication, he could fight the Aries Front again in 2 weeks, which stifled Dak Prescott. Wentz could be helped by the return of Miles Sanders, who would add versatile dynamism to this attack.
18 Cam Newton, NE @ SEA. Newton ran 15 times at 75 yards in Week 1 and Week 1. And while the eye test wasn’t all, Newton looked healthy and moving. It’s always been his biggest key, so Newton is on the verge of being a fantasy starter again.
19 Philipas Riversas, IND vs. MY
20 Gardner Minshewas, JAX @ TEN. Minshew threw out only one unfinished race in 1 week, and he led the Jags team to win. Tennessee probably has a little more defensive talent than Indianapolis, but Minshew could be helpful with the appearance of rookie Laviska Shenault to balance it.
21 Daniel Jones, NYG @ CHI
22 Clear Cousinsas, MIN @ IND
23 Joe Burrow, CIN @ CLE. Burrow was really struggling hard in Week 1, and a short week before Thursday night’s Browns club could cause problems. Myles Garrett will lick his cutlets for this match. The biggest plus for Burrow fantasy owners was his desire to run for 1 week, which can help preserve his value in the weeks leading up to a tough match.
24 Mitchell Trubisky, CHI v. NYG
25 Baker Mayfield, CLE and CIN. Mayfield’s rookie season is felt like a long time ago and not just because of the time curve pandemic. His intercepted Sunday was partly because Baltimore is a good defense, but they were also ugly Mayfield games. You can’t trust to start Mayfield until we see drastic changes in his performance.
26 Tyrod Taylor, LB v KC. In Week 1, Taylor ran enough to overcome a stunning day. The Chiefs held Deshaun Watson until very late Week 1, so Taylor could stay on the bench this week.
27 Derek Carras, LV v. NO
28 Teddy Bridgewater, CAR @ TB. While Teddy Two Gloves played well against the Raiders for 1 week, Tampa Bay’s defense showed how brutal it could be to slow Drew Brees. You might pick up Bridgewater and play the match further, but even in the 2-QB leagues we would stay away from the Buccaneers.
29 Drew Lockas, DEN @ PIT
30 Dwayne Haskins, WAS @ ARZ
31 Ryan Fitzpatrick, MIA and BUF
32 Sam Darnold, NYJ vs. SF

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