10 celebrity all-black skin looks: Hailey Baldwin, Kim Kardashian and more rock The Edgy Trend


The hottest trend of the season, loved by all celebrities, is leather, and everyone – from Hailey Baldwin to Kim Kardashian – has shocked the all-black leather ensemble!

Leather is the biggest winter trend because it is very versatile and there are many different ways to wear it. However, the sound caused by the storm is, of course, black skin from head to toe, and some of our favorite stars have been shocked by the look. Hailey BaldwinThe 23-year-old just did it again when she went out to a sexual couple YSL latex leggings (she recently also wore a purple pair) and a leather jacket (also YSL) on Friday, November 20, in Los Angeles. The model visited her office stylist Maeve Reillywhich also combined the appearance of fire.

Hailey Baldwin
November 20 Hailey Baldwin pulled out of the YSL latex leggings and leather jacket. (MEGA)

Hailey tested the look of all-black leather when she was also at Paris Fashion Week on February 25th. Hailey looked fabulously like leather, strapless black leather Saks Potts Pex corset top tucked into a pair of matching high waist Saks Potts Rosita pants with enlarged edges. On her appearance, she threw the appropriate oversized haircuts Saxon Potto “Perla” jacket and stylized solid color clothing with a pair of hot pink pointed fingers Balenciaga knives. She adapted her look a Saint Laurent Kaia small bag, St. Laurent’s New Wave Sl 276and Anita Ko Meryl ring earrings.

Kim Kardashian, 39, is another celebrity that absolutely likes the trend and shocked him in most cases. Kim was away in NYC on Dec. 21 when she was wearing leather Bottega Veneta leather top with a high waist and a wide leg Leather pants “Helmut Lang Masc”, metallic silver Nike x Olivia Kim Foil Buffer Jacketand a pair of bright purple Balenciaga knife elastane socks. Meanwhile, she went out to dinner with her husband, Kanye West, 42, at Milos Restaurant, New York, on Oct. 25, when she shook a leather dragon blouse with black Helmut Lang Masc leather pants and Yeezy 8 season PVC wedge belt sandals.

hailey baldwin
Hailey Baldwin looked fabulous during Paris Fashion Week on February 25, when she shook the top of a black Saks Potts Pex corset twisted into a pair of matching high-waisted Saks Potts Rosita pants with flared edges, over-trimmed Saks Potts Pearl “Jacket, pink. pointed fingertips Balenciaga knife pumps, Saint Laurent Kaia small clasp, Saint Laurent New Wave Sl 276 and Anita Ko Meryl ring earrings. (Shutterstock)

Kim’s older sis, Kourtney40 years old, also loves trends and rightly so tested when on February 19. she went out to eat at a Carousel restaurant in LA. Kourtney put on a double breast. Versace leather shirt a jacket that was close to the waist. She decided not to wear anything under her white-lined jacket and paired it with matching skintight skinny leg pants. The pants were extra long and cut through the ankles, covering the white leather shoes. She added a small black color to her look Gucci Bamboo Line Mini 2Way bag.

From Hailey to the Kardashians to so many other celebrities, we’ve rounded up all the stars shocked by all-black skin trends, and you can click on the gallery above to see all the amazing clothes!

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